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May 12, 2021

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Government’s announcement that teachers can now be vaccinated.

Kay Elsa
Love this!!!! Thanks for all your support

Scott Carey
Now it’s time we walk the walk. If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, book your appointment ASAP! Take care of yourselves!

Chelsey McDonald
I love this!!! Don’t give credit where credit isn’t due. This should have happened weeks ago. This response (and lack thereof) is perfect!

David Whan
That is all the announcement deserves. Excellent statement.

Jr Roddy
Jason Schilling, props to you for the concise response to today’s “announcement.” They want teachers to kiss their feet in gratitude. Thank you SO MUCH for giving them the precious little recognition they deserve for this decision!

On the return to online learning

Sue Ngary
There are teachers for whom working from home is a very poor option: no resources, have to schlepp all your stuff from school to the dining room table, young children all over the place while you try to work from the couch, older kids trying to do lessons in the same space as you are trying to work. Teachers should have the choice — with no students in the school, your own key to the building, you can go into your own room and shut the door. No exposure. It should be the teacher’s choice.

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On the return to online learning

Jessica Campbell @Jess6ACampbell
A huge shout out to every K–12 Alberta parent, teacher, administrator and mostly the students for going online today! This is the safe choice regardless of its difficulty. We are made to do hard things, and we have each other! 

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