Q & A: Barnett House expansion is on schedule

Will the construction at Barnett House never end? What is the new space going to be used for and how much is this going to cost members?

Editorial: Work starts now to make education a 2019 election issue

With all the talk about pipelines in political circles lately, it is hard to imagine that pipelines will not end up being a critical issue in next year’s provincial general election.

Viewpoints: How to help students in the midst of tragedy

At some point, the young people we teach will be faced with the reality that horrific events occur. In the aftermath of tragic losses, our own and those of our friends and neighbours, your students may need you.

Technology overuse harmful to youth mental health

Are digital devices lighting our way, or are they making our lives darker?

Barnett House Expansion

View images construction currently taking place at Barnett House.
[updated 2018 03 26]

Teachers make gains at local tables

In this first round, local bargaining is proceeding slowly but with gains for teachers.

Battling Myths And Breaking Down Barriers

Phony health claims and deeply-rooted beliefs difficult to debunk.


APRIL 30 – MAY 4, 2018