Editorial: No longer walking alone; now we walk together

We, as teachers, will play an important role in educating future generations about the history, perspectives, culture and contributions of Canada’s indigenous peoples.

New resource supports sexual and gender minorities

A new resource published and distributed by the Alberta Teachers’ Association aims to help secondary teachers create safe and inclusive spaces for sexual and gender minority students.

Bargainer’s Blog: All-Out Push Will Keep Members Informed When an Agreement is Reached

Bargaining chair Greg Jeffery discusses a recent meeting with TEBA and the processes ATA will use to inform members after an agreement is reached.

Bargainer's Blog: Confidentiality of the Table is Important

Frank and honest discussions at the bargaining table require trust and confidentiality to protect the interests of teachers.

The Future of Social Studies—The Voices of Alberta Teachers

New research from the ATA’s Social Studies Council reports on the results of a survey of social studies teachers that reveals the complexities teachers face with respect to curriculum and instruction, assessment, program objectives, and teaching and learning conditions.

Viewpoints: Let’s talk about professional time

Comprehensive Alberta Teacher Workload Study provides interesting insights.

Teacher leaves legacy of leadership

Buddy benches memorialize teacher at Sherwood Park school

Equity In Mathematics

Launched in March 2015, the Norway-Canadian (NORCAN) partnership brings together school teams in Norway, Ontario and Alberta.

Agreements still in effect despite expiry date

Collective agreements expired on August 31, 2016; here's what that means for you.