Editorial: Government and boards should recommit to reducing class size

Teachers know their class size is bigger than they've ever been, but with an influx of students between 2009 and 2018, increased funding didn't make a dent in reducing student numbers.

From distraction to addiction

Digital technologies are now entwined, shaping students’ identities, habits of mind and physical exposure to the world around them and impacting their school life.

The Changing Landscape Of Being Well In Canadian Schools

Wellness in Canadian schools is a focal point of conversation for educators working on kindergarten to Grade 12 (K–12) education programming and policy.

Lesson Clans: Celebrating families who teach

Since teaching runs in many families, and since Family Day has just taken place, the ATA News has compiled this collection of stories about teaching families and what it’s like to be part of one.

In Focus: ATA committees offer teachers a way to get involved

For Jason Schilling, becoming involved in committee work with the Alberta Teachers’ Association was a hands-on way to up his advocacy game.

Large Class Sizes Targeted in Latest Auditor’s Report

Class sizes continue to increase in Alberta, and the government does not have adequate plans and processes to reduce them, according to the most recent report from the auditor general.