Editorial: Government and boards should recommit to reducing class size

Teachers know their class size is bigger than they've ever been, but with an influx of students between 2009 and 2018, increased funding didn't make a dent in reducing student numbers.

From distraction to addiction

Digital technologies are now entwined, shaping students’ identities, habits of mind and physical exposure to the world around them and impacting their school life.

Q & A: Naloxone is not a tool for teachers

What is the role of teachers administering Naloxone in the age of the opioid crisis?

Battling Myths And Breaking Down Barriers

Phony health claims and deeply-rooted beliefs difficult to debunk.

In Focus: ATA committees offer teachers a way to get involved

For Jason Schilling, becoming involved in committee work with the Alberta Teachers’ Association was a hands-on way to up his advocacy game.


APRIL 30 – MAY 4, 2018