ATA president calls for teachers to speak up

With a provincial election approaching, ATA president Greg Jeffery is urging teachers to help raise awareness of the value of public education.

Bargaining Goals Established

PEC has approved three bargaining goals for next round of central bargaining based on results of survey of 11,000 teachers.

Editorial: UCP policymakers get it right

Two decisions made at the UCP AGM that stick out as positive decisions for public education.

Q & A: Breaking us up would be difficult and unwise

The UCP policy convention passed a resolution to split the Alberta Teachers’ Association into separate union and professional organizations. What are the implications?

ARA, here I come

This... from ATA President, Greg Jeffrey

Viewpoints: How to help students in the midst of tragedy

At some point, the young people we teach will be faced with the reality that horrific events occur. In the aftermath of tragic losses, our own and those of our friends and neighbours, your students may need you.

uLead showcases ATA as global example

This... from ATA President Greg Jeffery

Teaching kids how to move has become essential

Although children are born programmed to play, many today have limited exposure to the types of outdoor games that teach fundamental movement skills.