Teachers react to Bill 22


November 26, 2019

Facebook Feedback

Teachers react to Bill 22, which includes a measure to transfer assets of the Alberta Teachers’ Retirement Fund (ATRF) to the Alberta Investment Management Company (AIMCo), a Crown corporation.

Sheryl King

What right do they have to move money that is not theirs? Why the rush to push this through? Hands Off My Pension!!

Michelle Senkow

It is Not the UCP’s Money & they have No right to touch it!!

Kim Toth Johnson

I would love to see how other people in Alberta would feel if the government decided to “manage” their pensions!!! You’d hear the public screams to space! Disgusting!

Edna Warriner

Sad that they rushed this through. And with their horrendous practices with managing money we should all be worried! Hands OFF my pension!

Melissa Cox

I’d really like the government to explain how this is a good move!

Don Flaig

I smell a rat. I suspect the long game is to have political control over where our funds would be invested.

Liz Maree Brown

This is so wrong on so many levels!

Merissa Stemkowski

This is horrible. This government does not understand democracy at all.

Patricia Helen Lockhart

This is just a cash grab! Disgusting!

Christine Chappell

Hands off my pension!! I wrote several letters to our MLA with no reply. I am deeply concerned about what the future holds for teachers in our province.

Sasha George

Time for a Supreme Court case or a provincial strike!!

Sandra Joy

Why aren’t protests planned? They’ve attacked public education and teachers over and over!! Enough is enough!

Cameron Ashton Reidy

Democracy? What democracy?

Brie Chad McCrady

Taking something without permission is stealing.

Manuel A. Gutierrez

This is theft. I do not give permission to Jason Kenney and the UCP to take my pension.

Rosa Bianca

No words can express the disgust I feel about this.

Rita Roste

So disgusting what this Kenney gov’t is doing. Really have to wonder if folks who voted UCP  actually wanted this or were they totally duped?

Michael Shore

Lack of consultation with teachers = lack of respect for the teaching profession.

Angela Grace

I’m very upset and have sent more than one email to my MLA and finance minister.

Anna Greenwood

If this is such a great deal and idea, one would think there would be a consultation process first. The lack of trust and collaboration with this government makes it hard to believe!

Sue Jane

The lack of collaboration and consultation with ATRF is indicative to me that this government is not to be trusted. Keep my pension where I know it’s in good hands — with ATRF!


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