Moot Points: Sick drift, Mr. Suchow!

April 9, 2019 Ray Suchow, Special to the ATA News

During a recent class change, I was guiding/pushing my school’s first Chromebook cart down a busy hallway and was preparing to merge at a T intersection with four different directions of student traffic. Student safety was on my mind as said cart would make any Second World War general proud. Other than lacking a turret, in weight and ramming power it would easily help win any battle.

As I approached the T, I saw the opening I was looking for and began my special turn. With focus and grace I changed direction, merged with a new stream and began to head up the hallway — happily with no student casualties. Apparently, my unique manoeuvre was more than noteworthy, as the school’s coolest student rounded the corner at the same time and uttered the highest of praises.

“Whoa! Sick drift, Mr. Suchow!”

I thanked him and continued on to my next class with a smile. After all, how refreshing it was to learn that, after 28 years of teaching, I could add such a vital new skill to my resumé! ❚

Ray Suchow teaches CTS computer studies, religion and humanities at Christ the King High School in Leduc.

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