June 22, 2011

For a complete listing of events, consult the Conference Calendar or contact Barnett House. Telephone: 780-447-9400 in Edmonton or 1-800-232-7208 from elsewhere in Alberta. This information is also posted on the Alberta Teachers’ Association website ( Prior to attending a conference or workshop, please contact the sponsoring organization to confirm dates, locale and contacts.

July 11–15

Educational Leadership Academy, Edmonton, Alberta. Sponsor: ATA. Contact: Konni deGoeij, ATA Associate Coordinator—Administrator Assistance. Telephone: 780-447-9472; fax: 780-455-6481; e-mail: Contact: Leslie Kaun, ATA Administrative Officer. Telephone: 780-447-9410; fax: 780-455-6481; e-mail:; website:

August 8–12

Summer Conference, Banff, Alberta. Sponsor: ATA. Contact: Jacquie Skytt, ATA Assistant Executive Secretary. Telephone: 780-447-9412; fax: 780-455-6481; e-mail: Contact: Karin Champion, ATA Administrative Officer. Telephone: 780-447-9435; fax: 780-455-6481; e-mail:; website:

August 15–18  

Healthy Interactions Facilitator Training Workshop, Edmonton, Alberta.  

Sponsor: ATA. Contact: Joyce Sherwin, ATA Executive Staff Officer. Telephone: 780-447-9453; fax: 780-447-6481; e-mail: Contact: Marilyn Terlaan, ATA Administrative Officer. Telephone: 780-447-9454; fax: 780-447-6481; e-mail:; website:

September 29–October 1

Outreach Education Council Conference, River Cree Resort, Enoch, Edmonton, Alberta. Theme: “The Power of Perseverance.” Sponsors: ATA and Outreach Education Council.

Contact: Kim Webb. Telephone: 780-482-1407; e-mail: Contact: Antonette Wilson. Telephone: 780-479-3258; e-mail:; website:

October 13–15

Special Education Council Conference, Delta Lodge, Kananaskis, Alberta.  

Theme: “Celebrating the Challenges 2011.” Sponsors: ATA and Provincial Special Education Council. Contact: Darci Fulton. Telephone: 403-777-7240; e-mail:; website:

October 14–16

Social Studies Council Conference, Red Deer Lodge, Red Deer, Alberta. Sponsors: ATA and Social Studies Council. Contact: Bryan Burley. Telephone: 403-343-1354; e-mail:; website:

October 14–16

Alberta School Library Council Conference, Red Deer Lodge, Red Deer, Alberta. Sponsors: ATA and Alberta School Library Council. Contact: Jill Usher. Telephone: 780-464-6740; e-mail:; website:

October 14–16

Educational Technology Council Conference, Red Deer Lodge, Red Deer, Alberta. Sponsors: ATA and Educational Technology Council. Website:

October 21–22

Mathematics Council Conference, Marriott River Cree Resort, Enoch, Alberta.  

Sponsors: ATA and Mathematics Council. Contact: Shauna Rebus. Telephone: 780-461-7738; e-mail:; website:

October 21–22

Science Council Conference, Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, Lake Louise, Alberta. Sponsors: ATA and Science Council. Contact: Sandy Campbell. E-mail: Contact: Chris Gibbon. Telephone: 403-854-3642; e-mail:; website:


Fine Arts Council Conference, Delta Calgary South, Calgary, Alberta. Theme: “Designing Inspired Learning.” Sponsors: ATA and Fine Arts Council. Contact: Irene Naested. E-mail:

October 28–29

Second Languages and Intercultural Council Conference, Canmore, Alberta. Sponsors: ATA and Second Languages and Intercultural Council. Contact: Sherri Johnston. Telephone: 780-417-8172; e-mail:; website:

November 3–5

Early Childhood Education Council Conference, Delta Lodge, Kananaskis, Alberta. Sponsors: ATA and Early Childhood Education Council. Contact: Rebecca Ghelfi. Telephone: 403-777-8250; e-mail: Contact: Lesley Jeannotte. Telephone: 403-500-2001; e-mail:; website: http://ecec/

November 4–5  

English as a Second Language Council Conference, The Westin, Edmonton, Alberta. Sponsors: ATA and English as a Second Language Council. Contact: Eva Milanowska DuChene. Telephone: 780-477-3584; e-mail: Contact: Jill Munro. E-mail:; website:

November 17–19

Guidance Council Conference, Banff Park Lodge, Banff, Alberta. Sponsors: ATA and Guidance Council. Contact: Jodie Mattia. Telephone: 780-352-3782; e-mail:; website:

November 18–20

Le Conseil Français Conference, Alberta. Sponsors: ATA and Le Conseil Français. Website:

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