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Local associations may send representatives to attend these programs. Representatives must (1) be Association member, (2) obtain sponsorship from their local and (3) meet eligibility requirements.

Course and seminar entitlements vary by local.

Initiatives in Leadership Course

Learn about leadership opportunities in your professional association
This course will examine the work of the Alberta Teachers’ Association and build leadership skills through a variety of interactive activities, including simulations and videos. Critical reflective activities will help participants identify their leadership styles, strengths and weaknesses.

Members who have not attended this course and who are identified as interested in becoming involved in the work of the Association.

Local Program Course

Become a leader in your local
This course will focus on the roles and responsibilities of local office holders and school representatives. Emphasis will be placed on the skills needed to be an effective leader within a local association and the skills necessary to maintain professional responsibilities while handling member concerns and acting as a teacher representative.

School representatives and those new to the local executive.

Professional Development Course

Provide professional development leadership
This course will address roles and responsibilities for local PD chairs and/or PD committee members while also providing networking opportunities and session choices during the week.

PD chairs and PD committee members.

Introduction to Teacher Welfare Course

Help advance teachers’ economic and social welfare
This course will cover big-picture topics such as working conditions and the duty of fair representation. Participants will explore the dynamic world of collective bargaining, including an introduction to negotiation theory, a review of basic negotiation practices and an introductory bargaining simulation.

Members who have little or no previous experience with local economic policy committees.

Teacher Welfare Course

Develop skills needed to negotiate on teachers’ behalf
Participants will add additional skills and further develop those introduced in the Introduction to Teacher Welfare Course. Participants will explore a more refined model of negotiation theory, data analysis, preparation of collective agreement language and costing procedures. The course will include a bargaining simulation.

Bargaining unit members who, in previous years, have attended the Introduction to Teacher Welfare Course or already have negotiating experience.

Local Communications Officers’ Seminar

Improve your local’s public and media relations
This seminar, which is held every other year, offers local communications officers professional development opportunities in areas of communications, public relations, publicity and media relations. A variety of course content allows for the diverse needs of both rural and urban locals. The seminar provides a rich environment for networking and exchanging ideas and materials.

Local communications officers.

Local Presidents’ Seminar

Identify local issues and initiatives
Local presidents will examine current Association issues, share information about local initiatives and meet with Provincial Executive Council.

Local presidents or designates.


Specialist Council and Convention
Association ProgramsTop of page

Specialist councils and convention associations may send two representatives to attend these programs. Representatives must (1) be Association members,
(2) obtain sponsorship from their specialist council or convention association and (3) meet eligibility requirements.

Convention Seminar

Learn about Association convention requirements
This seminar provides convention association personnel with an opportunity to develop leadership skills, share ideas and develop strategies to address issues that can arise in organizing conventions.

Incoming presidents and program chairs.

Specialist Council Conference Directors

Produce an outstanding conference event
This seminar is designed to develop specialist council conference director’s leadership and organizational skills. Participants will explore topics such as program development, budgets, contracts, displays, facilities, policies, privacy agreements and promotion/social media. The seminar will be helpful to those who are new to organizing these kinds of events.

Incoming specialist council conference directors.

Specialist Council Presidents

Plan and lead successful councils and initiatives
This seminar helps specialist council presidents develop leadership and organizational skills. Participants will explore topics such as planning, membership promotion, advocacy techniques, finances and problem solving.

Incoming specialist council presidents.


Association Corps Programs (by invitation)Top of page

Association corps programs are open only to Association members designated as Association instructors, economic consultants, retirement consultants and professional development facilitators. These programs form part of the ongoing training for Association corps members.

Association Instructors’ Seminar
Economic Consultants’ Seminar
Professional Development Facilitators’ Seminar
Retirement Consultants’ Seminar


External Groups Program (by invitation)Top of page

The Association will be inviting select officials and other education opinion leaders.

Education Decision Makers’ Seminar


Details and registration information will be mailed to local association secretaries, specialist council presidents, convention association presidents and designated Association corps members in late April. Information on registration will be also posted to the website at such time.

Preliminary information regarding entitlement and eligibility may be obtained by contacting Marianne Moffatt at Barnett House.

Email:marianne.moffatt@ata.ab.ca. Telephone: 780-447-9427 (from Edmonton) or 1-800-232-7208 (from elsewhere in Alberta).