For Members

Members Only

Restricted to ATA active and associate members only, members can access privileged information and engage in the various ongoing initiatives at the Association.

ATA Locals

For administrative purposes, the Association is divided into 54 subsystems known as locals. Each local includes teachers employed by one or more school boards.

Getting Involved

Many opportunities exist for members to get involved in the Association both individually and by participating in activities of their local association.

Professional Development

To improve teaching practice, the Association helps teachers to develop professional growth plans, sponsors specialist councils, organizes teachers' conventions and offers conferences and workshops.

Forms and Online Services

Want to report an address change? Join a specialist council? Order a publication? Take out an associate membership? The forms required to carry out these and other activities are available here.

Advice & Assistance

Association staff are available to provide teachers and principals with advice on such issues as transfers, terminations, evaluations, pensions and employment insurance. Help is just a phone call away.

Salary, Benefits and Pension

The Association operates the Teacher Qualifications Service (which evaluates educational credentials for salary purposes), helps bargaining units achieve agreements, offers group benefit plans, and provides teachers with advice on pensions, employment insurance and other matters.

Programs and Services

The Association offers a wide range of programs and services including workshops, a professional library, scholarships, mentorship, international assistance and conflict-resolution.

Events Calendar

The events calendar lists Association-sponsored events as well as a selection of professional development opportunities offered by other organizations.

ATA Store

The Association sells a variety of promotional materials including lapel pins, presentation folders, pens, pencils, calculators and watches.