Editorial: We need SLAs to work

Late last month, Grade 3 students started writing the new Student Learning Assessments (SLAs).

Report lays groundwork for improved inclusion

On Sept. 10, the Alberta Teachers’ Association released the Report of the Blue Ribbon Panel on Inclusive Education in Alberta Schools.

Alberta girls rule — but why?

Students perform well in science testing, but formula for success remains unexplained.

Red Deer school puts society under the microscope

MicroSociety brings the real world into school.

Raising achievement with integrity

For years, Alberta held a proud position as a top achiever on international assessments of student learning.

Building schools for the future of Alberta

What policy actions are needed to make a great school for all?

How is SLA implementation working for you and your students?

The Alberta government is piloting new Student Learning Assessments for Grade 3 students this fall, and teachers are invited to leave their feedback here.

Updated 2012–16 Collective Agreements

The collective bargaining process ended in March 2014; however, final collective agreements are just now being written, proofread and signed. Updated collective agreements will be posted here as they become finalized.