Alberta’s schools can’t sustain more cuts

​President Mark Ramsankar describes the problems that will be caused by education cutbacks in this Edmonton Sun Op-Ed.

Substitute Teachers' Appreciation Week

Each year, Provincial Executive Council declares a week as Substitute Teachers’ Appreciation Week—this year March 9–13, 2015. Take time to acknowledge the contributions made by substitute teachers.

Editorial: Promises, promises

This exchange of commitments into an unknown future is a cornerstone of collective bargaining.

Write Your MLA to Prevent Cuts

Education funding, at the very least, needs to keep up with the rising costs of everything else. We have more students, with more complex needs, in our ever-growing province and yet we devalue what can make us great - our education system. Make a difference. Add your voice.

Teachers' Conventions

​Click here to find out more about your convention.

Starting your career successfully

There are a huge number of issues to consider when just starting your teaching career.

Read and understand before you sign

It’s important to know your contract and where to turn if you have questions



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