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Teacher Talks: Enhancing Teacher Professional Practice

The Alberta Teachers’ Association and the Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortia are sponsoring a project that will feature webinars designed to support Alberta teachers entitled "Teacher Talks: Enhancing Teacher Professional Practice".

This series of guided professional conversations focus on timely and pertinent classroom issues facing Alberta teachers. Guidance is taken from the participants to shape the discussion to ensure that teachers concerns are met. This is the third year of the series and it has proven to gain in popularity each year.

Webinars can be accessed from any computer with high-speed Internet and will provide an excellent opportunity for teachers to engage in professional dialogue on a variety of topics throughout the year.

Additional webinars are available through the Association and new offerings will appear on this page as they become available.

Download the Online Professional Development for Teachers in Alberta flyer.

2017/18 Webinars

Teacher Talks: Assimilation Case Study

November 4, 2017

Recorded Event

This case study-Participants will develop an understanding of the impacts that assimilation has exacted on indigenous peoples of Canada by unpacking the experiences of one Inuit community.


2015/16 Webinars

Project-Based Learning

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Part I Recorded Event

Part II Recorded Event

About this session: Project-based learning (PBL) is one of the most effective ways to embed Alberta’s vision for education. PBL is a student-centered, inquiry-based approach that helps students engage with learning outcomes based on Alberta curricula. This workshop will present a holistic model for PBL, and provide a planning template, discuss effective teaching strategies for implementation and identify resources for follow-up. The PBL approach, modeled in this workshop, makes it possible for teachers to integrate the provincial competencies for student learning into the classroom curriculum while students engage, create, explore and reflect on their learning.

PRISM: Professional Respecting and Supporting Individual Sexual Minorities

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Part I - January 11, 2016 - Recording unavailable

Part II - January 25, 2016 - Recorded Event

This webinar series is intended to stimulate a critical dialogue that examines teacher, student, school and community attitudes, dispositions and beliefs about gender and sexual minority identity and issues in Alberta schools. Schools, classrooms and communities should model inclusion where all students are valued, respected, welcomed and made to feel safe and cared for regardless of their race, ethnicity, ability, class, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression and gender identity.

It is NOT designed to discuss issues related to religion, sexual practices or moral values. It is designed to support the School Act amendments June 2015 (Bill 10), requiring that schools will be welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environments, free from discrimination and bullying. Participants will also learn information about various additional support resources available through the Alberta Teachers’ Association and other organizations.

Winning Strategies for Struggling Students

February 23, 2016

Recorded Event

About the session: This webinar will provide teachers with organizing tools and learning strategies designed to help learners who may experience difficulties. While many of the strategies come from the field of inclusive education, they can be used with all students.

Supporting Positive Behaviours in Alberta Schools

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Part I - March 14, 2016 - Recorded Event

Part II - April 11, 2016 - Recorded Event 

About the session: This two-part webinar series will introduce a new Alberta Teachers' Association (ATA) Supporting Positive Behaviour in Alberta Schools resource that provides information, strategies, stories from schools and sample tools for systematically teaching, supporting and reinforcing positive behaviour. This integrated system of school-wide, classroom management, and individual student support is designed to provide school staff with effective strategies to improve behavioural outcomes in their school. It will provide information and strategies for providing intensive, individualized support and instruction for the small percentage of students requiring this level of intervention.

Here Comes Everyone: Teaching in the Culturally Diverse Classroom

April 26, 2016

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About the session:  It is a fact that the demographics of Alberta's schools is changing dramatically and this means that teaching practices and strategies that once worked may no longer be as effective. This webinar will engage participants in cultural self-assessment and become more conscious of the dynamics of intercultural interactions in the classroom.

Unseen Hurts: Understanding Mental Health Issues in Our Classrooms

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Part I - April 14, 2016 - Recorded Event

Part II - April 21, 2016 - Recorded Event

About the session: Schools can be pro-active and teach about positive mental health to help prevent mental health problems and mental health illnesses. Discussion will focus on how by integrating positive mental health activities throughout the curriculum and grade levels, schools can become safe and positive spaces for students, teachers and families. This webinar discussion will help participants understand a vision of mental health, raise their awareness of mental health issues, identify the signs of specific mental health issues and explore practical strategies and interventions to promote positive mental health. Participants will also learn strategies to protect their own mental health.

Addressing Learning Disabilities in the Inclusive Classroom

May 4, 2016

Recorded Event

About the session: This webinar provides information about mild/moderate learning disabilities.Participants will consider the broad range of students may be learning disables and discuss strategies for the classroom that will help all children learn.


2014/15 Recorded Webinars

Classroom Management: What Works

The Art of Questioning in the Critically Thoughtful Classroom

Universal Design for Learning: Supporting Diverse Learning Needs

Engaging Students: The Art of Effective Instruction

Addressing Learning Disabilities in the Inclusive Classroom

Unseen Hurt: Understanding Mental Health Issues in Our Schools