Editorial: (Un)Fair Elections Act harms democracy

Writing the ATA News editorials requires working to tight deadlines.

Exceptions committee releases findings

Over 99 per cent of teachers now benefit from caps on teacher instructional time.

Reconciliation through education

Students and educators from across Alberta attended Education Day at Edmonton’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) event on Thursday, March 27.

Vouching, Student Vote program potential casualties of Bill C-23

The Fair Elections Act, aka Bill C-23, is under scrutiny.

Gay–Straight Alliances Must Be Supported, Says ATA President

Alberta Teachers’ Association President Mark Ramsankar is calling for support for students wishing to form gay–straight student alliances (GSAs) in schools.

Health, Education And Public Assurance

Each year Alberta spends in excess of $12.5 billion on health care services.

Bargaining is complete

David Jones, QC, handed down awards in the last two bargaining units.

ATA Declaration of Key Principles on Curriculum

Amid increasingly divisive debate over government curriculum redesign initiatives, the Alberta Teachers’ Association has publicly issued a declaration of key principles for curriculum reform.

Q & A: Teacher expresses concern about curriculum redesign

Minister of Education Jeff Johnson announced an initiative to redesign Alberta’s program of studies.