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Teachers, school and jurisdiction leaders have a professional responsibility to keep abreast of new developments in education and to continue to develop their professional practice. Teacher professional growth means the career-long learning process whereby a teacher annually develops and implements a plan to achieve professional learning objectives or goals that are consistent with their relative professional practice standard(s).

Alberta now has new professional practice standards for teachers Teaching Quality Standard 2020, school and school jurisdiction leaders Leadership Quality Standard 2020 and superintendents Superintendent Leadership Quality Standard 2020. The new standards were officially signed by the minister of education in February 2018 and become mandatory on September 1, 2019. The standards define the competencies expected of all educators in the province of Alberta.

Since school and school jurisdiction leaders are also certificated teachers, it is assumed that all have annual professional growth plans focusing on enhancing professional practice related to the standard and competencies to support quality teaching, leadership and optimum learning as required by the Standard.

A Digital Resource for Developing Annual Professional Growth Plans

A comprehensive digital, interactive Reflection on My Professional Practice tool is available to assist teachers and school leaders in reflecting on the knowledge, skills and attributes of their professional practice as related to their professional practice. Personal results of the self-reflection appears in bar graph summary format providing a profile of strengths and considerations for growth plan goals. The NEW Self-Reflection tools also include suggested resources to support implementation of the competency indicators found in the standard(s).

Interested teachers, school and jurisdiction leaders can now use the online tool. Refer to the User Guide for the sign up steps and other 'how to' features found in the digital resource.