Discipline Bylaw of The Alberta Teachers' Association

Dispute Resolution of Complaints

1(1) If the executive secretary determines that a matter does not necessarily warrant a hearing, the executive secretary may refer the matter under investigation to a single member of Provincial Executive Council or such other member of the Association as may be appropriate to conduct an Invitation to which the following provisions apply:

     (a) The member appointed to conduct the Invitation may draw upon the assistance of any other member of Provincial Executive Council or a member of the Professional Conduct Committee in conducting the Invitation.

     (b) The Invitation shall be conducted informally and in private in order to review the fact situation, identify concerns of the profession and of the public and to provide appropriate advice to the member under investigation.

     (c) The member conducting the Invitation shall provide a report to the executive secretary which shall include an opinion on whether the member displayed a negative or positive attitude and whether the matter should be concluded or whether a hearing committee ought to be convened.

     (d) The executive secretary shall provide a copy of the report to the member under investigation and the complainant for comment before making a final decision pursuant to section 27 of the Teaching Profession Act.

(2) An Invitation by which a matter is resolved informally and all statements disclosed during that process are without prejudice and confidential and may not be disclosed to any person other than the executive secretary or used in any other proceedings without the consent of the parties.

(3) The fees and expenses of a member conducting an Invitation are paid by the Association.