The Teaching Profession

Becoming a Teacher

To teach in Alberta, a person must have a valid teaching certificate. Teachers hired by a publicly funded school board must become members of the ATA. Once hired, teachers should apply to the Teacher Qualifications Service to have their years of education assessed for salary purposes.

Professional Conduct

Teachers in Alberta’s public, separate and francophone school jurisdictions must uphold the Code of Professional Conduct. The Association is responsible to investigate complaints of unprofessional conduct against its members.

Teachers' Rights and Responsibilities

The Association holds that teachers are entitled to certain rights and must accept the corresponding responsibilities. The ATA’s Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities for Teachers outlines them and forms part of the Constitution of the Association.

Teaching Opportunities

How do I apply for a teaching position in Alberta?


In Alberta, all teaching certificates are granted by the Department of Education. They are divided into two categories: interim and permanent.

Teaching Competence

The Teaching Quality Standard defines the knowledge, skills and attributes that teachers are expected to demonstrate. The Association is responsible for reviewing cases of teachers whose practice may not be meeting the standards.

Teacher Qualifications Service

The Teacher Qualifications Service (TQS) is the agency in Alberta responsible for evaluating a teacher's years of education for salary purposes.