The Teaching Profession

Becoming a Teacher

To teach in Alberta, a person must have a valid teaching certificate. Teachers hired by a publicly funded school board must become members of the ATA. Once hired, teachers should apply to the Teacher Qualifications Service to have their years of education assessed for salary purposes.

Professional Conduct

Professional conduct refers to any behaviour that is becoming to a member of the teaching profession. Anyone can file a complaint of unprofessional conduct against a member. The Association investigates each such complaint. Teachers found guilty of unprofessional conduct face, depending on the severity of the offence, penalties ranging from a reprimand to a fine to expulsion from the Association to suspension or cancellation of certification.

Teachers' Rights and Responsibilities

What are my rights and responsibilities as a teacher?

Teaching Opportunities

How do I apply for a teaching position in Alberta?

Teaching Competence

The Association oversees both the professional conduct and the competence of teachers employed by school boards in Alberta. Anyone concerned about a teacher’s conduct or competence can initiate a complaint. The Association investigates each such complaint.

Teacher Qualifications Service

The Teacher Qualifications Service (TQS) is the agency in Alberta responsible for evaluating a teacher's years of education for salary purposes.