Calls to action

November 15, 2016

“Let us find a way to belong to this time and place together. Our future, and the well-being of all our children, rests with the kind of relationships we build today.”

– Chief Dr. Robert Joseph, ambassador for Reconciliation Canada and honorary witness to Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission

In 2009, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada began a multiyear process to listen to survivors, communities and others affected by the residential school system.

In its final report issued in 2015, the commission identified 94 calls to action, 11 of which relate directly to education.

Among the issues addressed in these calls to action are discrepancies in funding for First Nations children being educated on reserves compared with those being educated off reserves; the creation of mandatory K–12 curriculum on residential schools, treaties and aboriginal peoples’ historical and contemporary contributions to Canada; and reducing the barriers to entry to post-secondary education for indigenous students.

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