Learning Team 20:1 - Fall 2016

September 12, 2016
Fostering personal growth and well-being

Physical literacy is vital for lifelong good health, citizenship and well-being.

You won’t believe what this teacher assigned for homework

“Learning is not just about spelling and math facts.”

Family bucket list

Children, adults and families all reap benefits from spending time outside.

Let’s get moving

Physical literacy is vital for an individual’s healthy development.

Movement matters in a healthy school culture

Implementation of quality health and physical education is critical to the development of healthy citizens.

Arm your child with the ABCs of movement

We need to create a culture that values physical literacy on an equal footing with literacy and numeracy.

Activity provides wide-ranging lifelong benefits

Getting active of particular benefit to girls

Get moving; get connected

A family nature scavenger hunt!

Want your children to be creative critical thinkers? Let them move!

We are stifling the very things we desire as a society — creativity and critical thinking.

A parent walks into a PE teacher conference ...

It’s important for parents to be health advocates for their children, at home and at school.