Get moving; get connected

September 12, 2016

To connect physical literacy with the natural world, try this family nature scavenger hunt.

  1. Identify 5 different colours.   ❍❍❍❍❍
  2. Find 2 things to balance on.   ❍❍
  3. Find something to crawl under.   ❍
  4. Find 3 things to jump over.   ❍❍❍
  5. Find 2 things that are smooth to touch. ❍❍
  6. Find 2 things that are rough to touch.  ❍❍
  7. Find 3 things that smell different.   ❍❍❍
  8. Find 3 different kinds of bugs.    ❍❍❍
  9. Find something you think is beautiful.    ❍
  10. How many different kinds of birds can you find?
  11. Look under rocks — can you find anything?
  12. Pick up a piece of litter and put it in the garbage
    when you leave.    ❍

Take pictures of all your findings and share with other friends and family!

Source: Be Fit for Life Network

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