Family bucket list

September 12, 2016

Children who spend time outside on a regular basis are happier, healthier and smarter. Both children and adults benefit from time outdoors. Spend time together as a family outside and you are not only making strong family bonds, but you are also creating unforgettable memories!

Complete all the activities listed over the course of one year.

  1. Build a snowman.
  2. Go tobogganing.
  3. Make snow angels.
  4. Go skating at an outdoor rink.
  5. Jump in puddles.
  6. Go for a walk and see how many different kinds of leaves you can find.
  7. Go for a walk in the rain with umbrellas.
  8. Jump in a pile of leaves.
  9. Go tobogganing.
  10. Go for a family walk in your community.
  11. Try something new.
  12. Catch snowflakes on your tongue.
  13. Find a new playground to play in.
  14. Go for a bike ride.
  15. Log roll down a hill.
  16. Skip rocks.
  17. Go for a walk in a natural park.
  18. Collect wildflowers and make a flower crown.
  19. Catch (and release) a bug.
  20. Create your own hopscotch with sidewalk chalk.
  21. Skip rocks at a lake or pond.
  22. Fly a kite.
  23. Collect rocks and paint them.
  24. Have a picnic.
  25. Go birdwatching and see how many different birds you can find.
  26. Play in a sprinkler.
  27. Go swimming.
  28. Go for a hike or a nature walk.
  29. Climb a tree.
  30. Play Frisbee or catch with a ball.
  31. Have a snowball fight.
  32. Go camping or camp out in your backyard.
  33. Plant a garden or some flowers.
  34. Volunteer for a day (or more) in your community.
  35. Run through a sprinkler.
  36. Shovel a neighbour’s walk.
  37. Rake a neighbour’s lawn (and run away!).
  38. Lie on some green grass and identify shapes in the clouds.
  39. Visit a corn maze or pumpkin patch.
  40. Go for a walk at night — with flashlights!
  41. Visit a farmers’ market.
  42. Lie under the stars.
  43. Visit a local splash park or outdoor pool.
  44. Search for animal tracks in the snow or mud.
  45. Build an outdoor fort or igloo.
  46. Feed ducks.
  47. Play catch by kicking a ball.
  48. Go boating (kayak, canoe, paddle, row, etc).
  49. Have a water fight.
  50. Watch the sunrise or sunset from somewhere with a nice view.
  51. Go to a beach and build a sandcastle.

Share your adventures on social media by tagging photos with #myactivefamily and engage with other active families in communities around you.

Source: Be Fit for Life Network


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