ATA News 49:9

January 13, 2015
Editorial: From pause to reset—the next step for Bill 10 is clear

Editorial: From pause to reset—the next step for Bill 10 is clear

Province’s approach to gay-straight alliances would work only in an alternate universe.


411 on ATA presidents

Former executive secretary Bernie Keeler dies

Noted scholar remembered for his "great contribution to the teaching profession"

Canadian Teachers' Federation welcomes new secretary general

The Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) has a new secretary general.

Watch the web!

PEC election candidates to be announced Jan. 15

Research needed to advance inclusion in schools

Des Nicaraguayens pleins de couleurs

Les élèves de 5e année de l’école La Mission ont fait des bracelets en élastique comme levée de fond pour avoir de l’argent à envoyer à l’école Maurice-Lavallée qui va peindre l’école Divino Niño située au Nicaragua.

If you can teach, you can research

Publication encourages teachers to write and publish

It's time to chart your professional growth plan

2015 teachers' conventions and specialist council conferences

Your pension plan provides value and security

Teachers in Alberta contribute to the Alberta Teachers’ Pension Plan throughout their entire teaching careers and may also buy back service after an employer-approved leave of absence.

New CEO takes the helm of retirement fund

Rod Matheson moves from government to the Alberta Teachers' Retirement Fund

Annual satisfaction survey underway

Teachers among stakeholders being consulted

Q & A: Government needs to deal with education growth despite falling revenues

Question: With oil prices falling through the floor, will teachers soon be paid in wheat and chickens?

Viewpoints: Alberta's first gay-straight alliance still offering relevant lessons

Looking back on my years as a public school teacher in Alberta, I am often reminded of the situations when my students taught me important lessons.

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Through our Facebook page (, we asked: What, if any, resolutions have you made for the new year?

Ready to engage

Those of us who are responsible for putting together the ATA News are constantly looking to increase our level of engagement with readers, so we’ve made a number of changes throughout these pages.

ATA unwavering in support of gay-straight alliances

Association ever wary of effects of Bill 10 on classroom instruction, president says

Alberta Education regulatory review underway again

After an almost year-long hiatus, Alberta Education is moving to finalize regulations to support implementation of the Education Act.

Province's fiscal challenges could impact education

Housekeeping legislature session wraps up

Aspen Foundation fosters social justice action

Program awards grants to 10 schools

Alberta Education launches user survey on SLAs

Teacher feedback is vital to ensure appropriate changes are made

PEC Points: PEC establishes timeline for Association's 100th anniversary celebrations

Highlights of the Provincial Executive Council meeting held Dec. 4–5, 2014, at Barnett House in Edmonton