ATA News 49:16

April 21, 2015
Party leaders and their education platforms
Teachers urged to engage in provincial election

“Your active participation in the upcoming provincial general election is vital to ensuring that education is a priority.”

New study prompts call for political response

A new study identifies growth, complexity and intensity as three issues that need to be addressed

International summit a Canadian first

Alberta hosts International Summit on the Teaching Profession.

School finds supporters throughout the community

When you score face time with the head of a major corporation, what you have to say had better be important.

Editorial: Vote! Opting out of democracy is not an option

New television advertisements from Elections Alberta urging voters, “don’t let others decide for you.”

Q & A: Election advice: Get involved, but in your own way

Question: Which party should I vote for in the provincial election? I’d like your advice.


Student Vote program is available for your school.

Your Views

Education issues from Twitter.

Options for volunteering at election time

Volunteering at election time can be exciting and rewarding.

Teacher candidates

Teachers and retired teachers running in the 2015 provincial general election were invited to submit material for publication in the April 21, 2015, edition of the ATA News.

Advocacy group calls for change in priorities

Public Interest Alberta releases election advocacy plan.

2015/16 Proposed Budget

The budget proposed by Provincial Executive Council (PEC) is just a step away from becoming the approved budget for the 2015/16 fiscal year.

PEC Points: Mark Ramsankar nominated for VP role with CTF

Highlights of the Provincial Executive Council meeting.

Hat campaign to raise mental health awareness in schools

Various awareness efforts set to roll during Mental Health Week.

Notices and Events

A collection of notices and events.