ATA News 49:10

January 27, 2015
Costly digital reporting and assessment tools have limited value, study

Costly digital reporting and assessment tools have limited value, study

New Association research also reveals that tools have increased the workload of many teachers.

Infographic: Seeking balance

Teachers’ top four priorities.

Mental health campaign goes viral

High school student Brett Rothery uses Twitter to raise awareness and money for mental health issues.

Eating Disorder Awareness Week coming to Barnett House

On Feb. 4 an informative panel discussion on eating disorders will take place at Barnett House.

Pupils grasp aboriginal culture

Belvedere School in Edmonton held a culture engagement week.

Learning commons: The library of the 21st century

New policy redefines what it means to be a library.

Connecting through cooking

Slave Lake school program hones life skills while giving back to the community.

Calgary school cooks up kindness

Another Alberta school that’s combining food and community service is Calgary’s St. Damien.

Year of the sheep

Mandarin bilingual students at Calgary’s Highwood School welcomed in the year of the sheep.


Parent-teacher cartoon.

2015 gotcha! photo contest

The ATA News invites you to get your ­camera out and start shooting those award-winning ­photographs.

Editorial: The more things change ...

The Jan. 23 Calgary Herald headline says the premier is warning that Alberta will lose $6 billion in royalties.

Q and A: Fiscal focus should be on raising revenue

Premier Jim Prentice has been talking about unsustainable public sector salaries.

Viewpoints: No: A valuable word to have in your vocabulary

The most difficult word for most of us to say is “no.”

Your views

We asked teachers how they handle the winter blues.

Partial exemption available for students affected by diploma exam glitch

On Jan. 13, Alberta Education’s Quest A+ exam system crashed.

Cutbacks aren’t the answer

ATA president says education system can’t withstand funding cuts.

“No zero” teacher cleared of unprofessional conduct

Lynden Dorval found not guilty by Professional Conduct Committee.

Court upholds ATA News’ journalistic status

An Alberta judge has formally upheld the journalistic status of the ATA News.

PEC Points: PEC authorizes $5,000 donation to the ATA Education Trust in honour  of Dr. Bernie Keeler

Highlights of the Provincial Executive Council meeting held Jan. 15 and 16.


The Jan. 13 issue of the ATA News mistakenly listed St. Mary’s High School as the recipient of an Aspen Foundation grant.

Notices and Events

Gender Matters — A virtual discussion on violence against women.

Moot Points: Teachers say the darndest things

I teach kindergarten to 22 delightful youngsters who often make my educational assistant and me laugh.

2015 PEC Election

President—Elected by Acclamation