Transformation meetings planned

September 13, 2011

ATA, ASBA and Alberta Education to host meetings

The Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA), the Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA) and Alberta Education (AE) are holding joint meetings this fall to advance the transformation of Alberta’s K–12 ­education system.

Participating in this meeting will be three teachers and three board representatives from the public, separate and francophone school authorities, representatives from Alberta Education and officials of both the ATA and ASBA. Association representatives have been named by district representatives. The goal is to have a local president, school board administrator and professional development leader present from each jurisdiction.

The meetings are designed to followup on Alberta Education’s Inspiring Education initiative, through which Albertans indicated a need for our education system to change in order to prepare students for the opportunities and challenges that await them in a constantly evolving and demanding global environment. To date, the impetus for leading the process of change has been, by and large, articulated by Alberta Education.

Recognizing that change is multifaceted, complex and requiring several years to complete, the sponsoring groups are looking to foster collaboration, cohesion and commitment between all education partners at various levels of the system. It is hoped that these discussions will form the basis for establishing long-term, mutually supportive relationships with partners working together to identify areas of change.

In order to effect change of the scope envisioned by Albertans it is believed that teachers, school boards and government need to be party to the discussion. The objectives of the meetings will be to

  1. develop a shared understanding of what it means to transform education;
  2. discuss relationship enhancements that articulate a new way of working together;
  3. identify priority issues that need to be addressed to advance real change;
  4. identify and delineate each party’s roles, responsibilities and accountabilities in the transformation process;
  5. discuss the next key steps; and
  6. discuss how the parties will continue to meet and work together and individually to make change.

Five transformation meetings have been planned for fall 2011: three for rural school authorities, one for urban school authorities and one for metropolitan school authorities.

Date Location Type
September 20, 2011 Grande Prairie rural north meeting
September 22, 2011 Edmonton urban meeting
September 26, 2011 Edmonton metropolitan meeting
September 27, 2011 Red Deer rural central meeting
October 6, 2011 Lethbridge rural south meeting

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