Media campaign to counter education funding cuts

September 13, 2011

Cuts to education funding erase more than just deficits

The Alberta government’s 2011 budget left schools $100 million short of the funding necessary to maintain the quality of education Albertans expect from their public education system. As a result, many school boards have cut programs and reduced staff. This school year, 1,000 fewer teachers are working in our schools. Teaching assistant and other support positions have also been slashed.

The consequence of cutting education funding is that class sizes increase; programs suffer; technology improvements are delayed; infrastructure repairs are shelved; and support staff and services are reduced.

Alberta’s students need long-term, predictable, sustained and sufficient funding for public education. That is why the Alberta Teachers’ Association, Alberta School Councils’ Association and Alberta School Boards Association have launched a media campaign entitled “Stop the Cuts.”

An important component of the media campaign is input from Albertans. Every school board in Alberta is affected by the cuts, and every school must make difficult choices about how to allocate their limited resources. Some schools have laid off teachers, others have delayed technology purchases and many will cut valuable programs and reduce support for special needs.

Tell us how funding cuts to education have affected the programs and services of your school. Share your story and read about how other schools have been affected. Visit the My Alberta School website—

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