Little known facts about teachers and education

Oldest PTA

Britain's oldest parent-teacher association is at Lawrence Sheriff School, Rugby, Warks, and was formed in 1908.

Most durable teacher

La Maestra Chuca has been teaching in Caracas, Venezuela, for 81 years. In 1911, at the age of 12, she and her two sisters stared a school. Since marrying in 1942, she has run her own school from her home in Caracas.

Most schools attended

The greatest documented number of schools attended by a pupil is 265. The dubious honor goes to Wilma Williams (now Mrs. R.J. Horton) who, from 1933–43, toured the United States with her parents who were in show business.

World's largest school

In 1988/89, Rizal High School in Pasig, Manila, Philippines, had an enrolment of 16,458 regular students. Numbers have significantly declined since then.

Country with most schools

The country with the greatest number of primary schools is China with 938,394 in 1990.

Lowest teacher to pupil ratio

San Marino has the lowest pupil to teacher ratio—5.5 pupils per teacher.

Most graduates in a family

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Erickson of Naples, Florida, U.S., saw all 14 children—11 sons and 3 daughters—obtain university or college degrees between 1962 and 1978.

Oldest school

The title of the oldest existing school in Britain is contested. It is claimed that King's School in Canterbury, Kent, was a foundation of St. Augustine, some time between his arrival in Kent in AD 597 and his death c. 604.


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