ATA Magazine 97:3 - Spring 2017

March 1, 2017
In collaboration

In collaboration

Curriculum development a partnership between the Alberta Teachers’ Association and Alberta Education.

Combining Energy and Expertise

A collection of articles contributed by teachers volunteering to participate in the curriculum working groups assembled by Alberta Education.

Lessons From The A Team

Good plan comes together for Alberta curriculum design.

Multiple Perspectives

Mining the thoughts of leading curriculum scholars.

Hope for the Future

Leading thinkers look ahead to curriculum development in Alberta.

The Finnish Example

What can we learn from Finnish curriculum reform?

The Voice of Experience

Respected Finnish principal provides insight into curriculum change.

At The Heart Of It

Assessment expertise is essential to curriculum development.

Editor’s Notebook

Teachers pleased to be finally engaged in curriculum development


The Secretary Reports

After curriculum comes instruction.

From The President

Teachers are best equipped to write curriculum.


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From the Bookshelves

Your ATA library has a number of new resources to give you ideas for your professional growth.

Research Roundup

The promise of moving beyond “learnification”.

Teacher Wares

Check out the latest publications from the Alberta Teachers’ Association.