ATA Magazine 97: 2 - Winter 2016

December 5, 2016
The Good Life

The Good Life

Retirement a gratifying time for those who remain engaged

Covering The Bases

The four pillars of retirement income.

From Three Pensioners To More Than 27,000

The history of the Alberta Teachers’ Pension Plan.

Who You Gonna Call?

Where should you turn for information related to retirement?

If I Could Turn Back Time …

Retiree shares advice with her 30-year-old self.

My Classroom In A Box?

The idea of retiring is fraught with mixed emotions and uncertainty.

Editor’s Notebook: An Exciting Awakening

When you hear the word retirement, what do you think?

Growth and Evolution

Teachers’ pension plan remains secure while changing with the times.


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Keeping Up

Proactive approach key to maintaining benefits into retirement.

From The Bookshelves: Retirement Titles

Library offerings cover everything from finances to emotional well-being.

Research Roundup: Long-Term Planning Builds Responsive Research Capacity

The research priorities for 2016/17 include strengthening international networks and partnerships.

Teacher Wares

Check out the latest publications from the Alberta Teachers’ Association.

The Secretary Reports

Previous Generations Built Our Profession And Our Country.

From The President

From One Phase To Another.