ATA Magazine 94:2 - Winter 2013

December 9, 2013
Defying the “Tooth of Time”

Defying the “Tooth of Time”

Our digital age facilitates opportunities for expression and connection unprecedented in human history.

John Barnett

Luckily, for the teachers of Alberta, John Walker Barnett was afflicted with the “donkey syndrome.”

“Fighting” John Barnett

The following is based on “A Short Memoir” by A.J.H. Powell, who served as ATA president from 1929 to 1930.

Barnett’s remarkable legacy

In January 2014, I begin my twelfth year as the Alberta Teachers’ Association’s seventh executive secretary.

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Editor’s Notebook

The government of Stephen Harper seems bound and determined to continue its plan to gut unions.

A racket indeed

The above op-ed appeared in the Vegreville Observer and was reprinted in The Alberta School Trustee, May 1936.

An Act respecting the Teaching Profession, 1939

Pictured here is a draft version of The Teaching Profession Act (1935) showing legislators’ edits and marginalia.

An Act to establish a Teachers’ Retirement Fund, 1939

Pictured here is a draft version of The Teachers’ Retirement Fund Act (1939) showing legislators’ edits and marginalia.

A brief history - the founding of Alberta

When Alberta joined Confederation in 1905, some recognizable key features of public education were already present.

A brief history - the prosperous twenties

For Alberta, the 1920s was a decade of political agitation and ongoing attempts at various sorts of social reform.

The secretary reports

This issue focuses on the remarkable contributions to the teaching profession in Alberta and to our organization of John Walker Barnett.

From the president

John Walker Barnett crisscrossed Alberta many times and for many years in his bid to unify the profession.


For a complete listing of events, consult the Conference Calendar or contact Barnett House.

Research roundup

Are schools squandering teachers’ talent?

From the bookshelves

Your ATA Library always keeps an eye open for interesting new materials to support you in your work.

Teacher wares

The following publications of the Alberta Teachers’ Association’s are featured on the ATA website.

A brief history - the great depression

A worldwide reversal of economic fortune occurred when the stock market fell in October 1929 and ushered in the Great Depression.

A brief history - the first world war

The outbreak of World War I brought many changes to Alberta.