ATA Magazine 93:2 - Winter 2012

December 10, 2012
Larry Booi—Firebrand Teacher, Orator and Leader

Larry Booi—Firebrand Teacher, Orator and Leader

When I asked Larry Booi what he was like as a student, he said with a grin, “I was good at tests.”

Ted Paszek—Educating For Democratic Citizenship

Ted Paszek, teacher, school administrator, education consultant, trustee and association executive, has devoted his life to promoting education.

Noel Somerville—Tireless Public-Service Advocate

Life hasn’t slowed down one bit for retired Edmonton teacher Noel Somerville.

Bob Tarleck—A Passion for Teaching and Public Service

Bob Tarleck has clearly followed his passion for teaching and public service.

Suzanna Wong—Environmental Activist, Volunteer, Teacher, Doer

Suzanna Wong sees the connection between things—between the ants, the trees, humans, health and academic success.

William Aberhart—Instrumental In the Early Years

To hear the name William Aberhart calls up thoughts of the Social Credit dynasty in Alberta politics.

Chester Ronning—Compassionate and Remarkable Man

Chester Ronning was born in China and maintained close ties with that country over his lifetime, but he also made his mark in education and politics in Alberta.

Teachers In One-Room Schoolhouses—The Earliest Builders

This profile is not about a particular person; rather, it’s about many people.

Editor’s Notebook

“Teachers as builders of society” is the theme of this issue of the ATA Magazine.

Julius Buski—What You Give is Returned Many Times Over

Dr. Julius Buski’s list of accomplishments is beyond impressive.

Fran Galbraith—A Woman of the World

“I just had a job to do so I went and did it.”

Myer Horowitz—Tireless Advocate of Public Education

Myer Horowitz has created quite a legacy in education, from kindergarten to postsecondary.

Halvar Jonson—Best Possible Education Minister at a Very Difficult Time

Halvar Jonson is one of the few men to have been both a school principal and a minister of education.

Vicki Mather—Giving Is the Essence of Teaching

Retired teacher Vicki Mather has been recognized locally, nationally and internationally for her work in promoting safer, healthier, more caring communities.

Annette Ramrattan—Get Involved, Believe In What You Are Doing And Be Committed

It was a visiting University of Alberta professor who convinced Annette Ramrattan to move from her native Guyana in South America (formerly British Guiana) to Alberta.

Terry Riley—Shaping The Future (And Advising the Cheer Team?)

Those familiar with Terry Riley and his storied teaching career know and remember him for many things.

Claudette Tardif—Une Femme Extraordinaire

Claudette Tardif is widely known as a passionate advocate of minority language rights, particularly for Alberta’s francophone minority.

Harry Ainlay—A Man of Character and Vision

Harry Ainlay had the common touch and inspired everyone around him to achieve excellence.

Genevieve Balogun—Tireless Anti-Racism Activist

Alberta lost a dedicated educator and leader in the multicultural community when Genevieve Balogun died in a traffic accident in April 2009.

Kate Chegwin—First Female Principal In Edmonton

Kate Chegwin (1872–1958) received her professional training at the Ontario School of Pedagogy.

Donalda Dickie—An Exemplar to be Remembered

When the Alberta Teachers’ Association awarded an honorary membership to Donalda Dickie in 1961, it recognized an extraordinary woman’s 60 years of service to education.

Jennie Elliott—Committed to Excellence in Education

Jennie Elliott was born in Arnprior, Ontario, on December 20, 1876.

Marian Gimby—Trailblazing First Female President of the ATA

When I was in Grade 2, my grandmother told me that her first cousin had become the president of the Alberta Teachers’ Association.


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A listing of some of the newest arrivals at your ATA library.

Research Roundup

Teachers, Leadership and Achieving Excellence and Equity in Alberta Schools

The Secretary Reports

Teachers are proud of their work in the classroom, as school administrators and at central office.

From The President

This column is a tribute to our members who work full-time and look after their family.

Teacher Wares

The Canadian Multicultural Education Foundation and the Alberta Teachers’ Association, with funding from Alberta Culture and Community Services, have released two new resources for teaching immigrant children.