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January 14, 2015

New ATA publications available

Check out two of the newest publications from the Alberta Teachers’ Association.

  • Exploring the Development of Teacher Efficacy Through Professional Learning Experiences
    Teacher efficacy is the confidence teachers have about their ability to influence how well their students learn. This report examines the relationship between the various kinds of professional development teachers engage in and the resulting effectiveness of their teaching practice. Using focus groups, questionnaires and current research on the subject, the authors provide insight into how teachers’ individual and collective learning can improve student learning. (PD-86-29, 2014 10, 74 pp)
  • The Future of the Principalship in Canada
    This publication identifies and examines the trends that will shape the work of Canada’s school leaders. Five hundred principals from across Canada participated in this study, which was a joint undertaking of the Alberta Teachers’ Association and the Canadian Association of Principals. 
    (COOR-100ext, 2014 07, 147 pp)
  • Report of the Blue Ribbon Panel on Inclusive Education in Alberta Schools
    This report presents the key findings and recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Panel on Inclusive Education in Alberta Schools, established by the Association to provide an arm’s-length investigation into this topic of critical importance. Directed to Alberta’s education stakeholders, the 38 recommendations are intended to ensure that teachers have the supports they need to create effective learning environments and that students are successful in an inclusive system.
  • (PD-170-1, 2014 08, 120 pp)

To order your copy of the ATA’s newest publications, e-mail distribution@ata.ab.ca.

Better education together

On Oct. 2 the ATA launched its newest advertising campaign entitled Better Education Together.

This multimedia campaign features video (TV and Cineplex Odeon Theatres), radio, print, billboards, grocery ad bars, bookmarks, transit, social media and an interactive microwebsite. The campaign is designed to showcase the great partnership that exists between teachers and parents, while the website creates a space for the public to voice their concerns with the continued underfunding of education.

The website contains information on current issues facing Alberta students, teachers and parents, and gives everyone the opportunity to let their MLA know that education funding needs to be a priority. And because there is so much more to education than facts and figures, there’s also an opportunity for teachers, students and parents to share positive stories about the teachers in their lives, past and present. The website is located at www.bettereducationtogether.com.

Specialist council membership has benefits

As a benefit of ATA membership, active members are entitled to join one specialist council of their choice each year at no cost. Specialist councils are an integral part of the Association’s activities. Granting members automatic membership in a specialist council is an innovative step toward increasing professional development opportunities for teachers throughout Alberta and a way of promoting the professional expertise of teachers in curriculum and specialty areas.

Regular membership is restricted to active members of the ATA and to associate members who are ineligible for active membership as specified in ATA bylaws. Regular members are entitled to all the benefits and services of council membership including the right to vote and hold office. Each council is operated by volunteer teacher members who contribute their time, talents, and enthusiasm to plan and implement programs and activities for the councils. Specialist councils organize annual conferences, produce publications, maintain websites and offer regional workshops and seminars.

For more information, visit the ATA website (www.teachers.ab.ca) and click on For Members and then on Professional Development.

Connect with other educators of indigenous students

Indspire is a peer support initiative that connects educators of indigenous students across Canada. If you are an educator of indigenous students and you’d like to increase student success, the Indspire Educator Coaching Program may be just what you’re looking for.

This professional development opportunity connects emerging educators with coaches who have years of experience working with indigenous students and a proven track record of creating positive outcomes. Whether you’re an educator looking to receive guidance throughout the academic year or an educator who is willing to provide support, Peer Support: Educator Coaching can assist. For more details, visit http://indspire.ca/programs/peer-support/.

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