ATA Magazine 95:2 - Winter 2014

January 13, 2015
What does Member Services do?

What does Member Services do?

One of the questions I often ask is, “What does the ATA’s Member Services program area do for you?”

Healthy interactions

One of the most frequent calls to Member Services relates to interpersonal communication and collegial issues.

Starting your career successfully

There are a huge number of issues to consider when just starting your teaching career.

Read and understand before you sign

It’s important to know your contract and where to turn if you have questions

Under a microscope

Teachers are teachers always, and are expected to behave accordingly

Rumours and allegations

Investigating alleged wrongdoing a difficult task for principals

“I’m a teacher, Jim, not a doctor!”

Co-ordination the key to providing for complex medical needs.

Highly overrated?

Online rating sites like can operate beyond arm’s reach.

New technologies

Increasingly, teachers are experiencing employment and professional-conduct difficulties related to digital technology.

Editor's notebook

For teachers, keeping up with the constant demands that exist both inside and outside the classroom is exhausting and time consuming.


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From the bookshelves

Your ATA library is here to support your information needs both online and on the page.

Research roundup

The nested lives of Alberta teachers.

The secretary reports

I had much to learn as a rookie executive staff officer when I joined Association staff now more than three decades ago.

From the president

ATA … at your service.

Teacher wares

Check out two of the newest publications from the Alberta Teachers’ Association.