Where Are The Old Schools?

May 21, 2010

Readers of The ATA Magazine are asked to help with the establishment of a visual archive of the province’s early country schools. Many of these historic buildings are abandoned and deteriorating. Before time, neglect and the elements claim them completely, it is hoped that a photographic record can be compiled.

You can help

Let us know the whereabouts of these buildings. All that is required is a simple description using highway numbers referenced to a nearby village or range road and township coordinates.

Tell us what you know about the buildings (school names, current uses, original locations, if they have been moved, and their history).

If possible, provide a photograph. Photos can be print film or electronic.

Send information to Raymond Gariepy, Associate Editor, The ATA Magazine, by post, telephone or e-mail (raymond.gariepy@ata.ab.ca).

Ranfurly School District No. 1542

The school housed grades 1–12 in three classrooms. After 1950, high school students were bussed to Alberta High School, in Innisfree. After the Ranfurly School closed in 1983, it was converted to a community centre and museum.
Photo courtesy of Brenda Boyce, Red Deer, and Jim Beamish

Birch Hill School District No. 1704

The school building is located west of Ranfurly, in the County of Minburn. The original school burnt down and was rebuilt in the mid-1940s. Grades 1–12 were taught in two classrooms until the late 1940s, at which time only Grades 1–9 were taught. The school closed in the 1950s.
Photo courtesy of Brenda Boyce, Red Deer, and Jim Beamish

Follie Timber School District No. 4752

Information suggests the school was built in the mid-1930s.
Photo courtesy of Margaret Epoch

Inland School District No. 4428

The school opened southwest of Vegreville in 1930, in the village of Inland. The school closed in 1949 and was sold in 1955.
Photo courtesy of Nick Seniuk, Vegreville

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