Number 4 - Summer 2010

May 21, 2010
What lies ahead for Bargaining?

What lies ahead for Bargaining?

The historic agreement signed in November 2007 between the Alberta Teachers’ Association and the government comes due in 2012. What are the possible futures for collective bargaining?

Forecasting the Future Over Three Horizons of Change

Making predictions about the future is an inherently fragile activity.

The Next Big Questions in Learning For Alberta's Teaching Profession

“Our DNA was written by monkeys banging away, not on typewriters, but at one another, for millions of years. Imagine how quickly life will transform when DNA and biochemistry are altered with thoughtful intent.”

Informed Transformation

When a government seeks to address and solve future challenges, especially social and economic ones, it must look to education as part of the solution.

Envisioning Education in the Year 2050

In 2008, Canadian educator Kieran Egan published The Future of Education: Reimagining Our Schools from the Ground Up.

Editor’s Notebook - Prognosticating: An Audacious and Foolhardy Act

“As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it.”
—Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Transformational Change in Education

Accurately predicting the future is a daunting task. Predicting the future for education in a rapidly changing world is no exception.

Shaping Education in Alberta

It is almost impossible to predict the changes that lie ahead for teachers and education in Alberta.


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From the Bookshelves

The ATA Library collection features books and videos for teachers on a wide range of topics.

Research Roundup

“The culture of things—invention and technology—is ever changing under the tide of words and routines whose role is to imagine fixity and agreement when, in reality, none exists.”
—Timothy Taylor

Book Review - The Fourth Way Is The Way

Readers who remember the Alberta government’s unsuccessful attempt to introduce a Third Way to healthcare in 2005 should not be turned off by the title of a new book on education reform, The Fourth Way: The Inspiring Future for Educational Change.

The Parkland Page

Understanding public policy in Alberta requires much more than just listening to what a minister says or reading the newspaper.

Counterpoint: When the Future Is the Past

How many platitudes involving the past can you recall? Here are just a few: “There’s nothing new under the sun”; “Been there, done that”; “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.”

Teacher Wares

Learning Together: A Teacher’s Guide to Combined Grades is a practical and teacher-friendly guidebook created and tested by teachers.

Where Are The Old Schools?

Readers of The ATA Magazine are asked to help with the establishment of a visual archive of the province’s early country schools.

The Secretary Reports - A Future for the Profession

With Education Minister Dave Hancock focused on transformative change to education, I believe our members would welcome transformative change to the teaching profession.

From the President

Over the past five years, teachers have had many reasons to be thankful.

Ms Magister 1974-2010

This issue marks the last time that Ms Magister will appear as a regular feature in the ATA Magazine.