Short-Term Exchanges

It's the experience of a lifetime - take your vocation to a different location!

General Information

Short-term exchanges for principals and teachers are a job shadow experience for one to two weeks. You are billeted by your exchange counterpart and work-shadow in your exchange partner’s school. You then host your counterpart for one to two weeks so they can experience the Alberta education system. You and your partner arrange cultural visits to correspond with the interests of both parties. You cover the cost of travel. There are no application fees and the program secures the exchange and provides pre- and post-exchange support.

For more information on exchanges for administrators, download a copy of the Exchanging Minds: Short-Term Administrator and Teacher Exchanges brochure. 


Time frame for Alberta school administrator/teacher to job
shadow overseas

Time frame for Alberta school administrator/teacher to host counterpart


2-week period in July or August

2-week period in May, September or October

Hessen, Germany

2-week period in July or August

2 weeks in October

Asturias, Catalonia or
Castilla y Leon, Spain

2-week period to be determined based on holiday schedules

2 weeks in March, April or May

Within Alberta

1-week period to be determined based on holiday schedules  1-week period to be determined based on holiday schedules 

Other Canadian provinces

2-week period to be determined based on holiday schedules

2-week period to be determined based on holiday schedules

For Administrators

10-day period in Spring Break (2020) 10-day period in late October (2019)
South Korea
For Special Education teachers
2-week period, approximately in Spring Break (2019)  2-week period in February (2019) 
Please note that exact dates are to be determined with the exchange liaison. Some dates may be flexible. Exchanges typically occur over breaks and holidays that stagger with the host country’s school schedule. 

New destinations

South Korea 2018/19 School Year Short-Term (2 week) Exchange for Special Education Teachers

Iceland 2019/20 School Year Short-Term (10 day) Exchange for Administrators

Application Form

To qualify for a teacher or administrator exchange, you need an Alberta Permanent Professional Teaching Certificate and a permanent teaching or administrative position. Teachers require the approval of their principal and administrators require the approval their superintendent.

Please note that you must first download the form to activate the capabilities of the interactive form. To submit your application, complete the following steps: (1) Complete the interactive form by typing the information in the spaces provided; (2) Print the completed interactive form; and 4) Mail the original per instructions contained in the application form.

Short-Term Teacher Exchange or
School Administrator Exchange Information Application



Application Deadlines

Because our short-term exchanges take place during various times of the year, there is no formal deadline for submitting applications. Bear in mind that because school systems are not the same in each country, we will focus on different countries at various times of the year.

If you are a teacher, all applications must have your administrator and jurisdiction approval. If you are an administrator, all applications must have jurisdiction approval. It is the responsibility of the applicant to send the ORIGINAL application to our office.