Short-Term E-Exchanges

Educator Exchange Programs (EEP) provides a suite of international professional development opportunities for school leaders and teachers. 

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Collaborating with another education system is an effective and enjoyable way to promote cultural understanding and to reflect upon and enhance practice. The exchange offers a unique opportunity for teachers to learn and to compare and contrast various aspects of education between systems.


How do e-exchanges work? 

  • This is a one-on-one virtual exchange where you are paired with another teacher or school leader with similar educational interests.
  • Matches can be within the province, within Canada or with our international partners in Spain, and may also be available in Germany, Iceland and Australia.
  • Matches are made based on common educational interests.
  • Projects/online exchange activities are for an approximate four to six weeks.
  • Examples of possible projects: student wellness, global citizenship, technology and innovation in the classroom, instructional leadership, women in leadership, rural and remote schools, immigration, second language learning, STEM, inclusion.
  • You and your exchange partner engage in discussions and video chats outside of class hours, much like a virtual pen pal, around educational topics. The frequency you connect is up to you. We recommend at minimum a couple of times per week during the exchange period.


When does the e-exchange happen? 

The e-exchange happens throughout the school year, with the exact timing to be determined based on school calendars


How much does it cost? 

There is no cost; EEP will provide program support throughout the exchange process.


Who is eligible? 

  • Fluency in the destination country language is not required, as the overseas teacher will be fluent in English.
  • Teachers (K–12) must be Canadian citizens, have a permanent teaching certificate, have district approval and possess a minimum of five years of teaching experience.
  • Applicants should demonstrate flexibility, adaptability, intercultural skills and a strong capacity to act as an ambassador for their school authority and the exchange program.
  • Proficiency with web-based learning management systems is an asset.
  • Proven communication skills, resourcefulness, initiative and community involvement are all desirable attributes.


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More questions?

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Carolyn Freed
Exchange Liaison
Educator Exchange Programs or
780-447-9404 or 1-800-232-7208