Tips on Promoting the Student Exchange Program

Promotion of this exchange program is most often aimed at Grade 10 students, who can then participate in the program in Grade 11. Participation in Grade 12 may be arranged for very able students who are able to plan for a two-month absence.

Start early!

  • The earlier students find out about the exchange program, the better. This allows students to properly arrange their timetable and to ensure they have the required language competency. This also discourages last minute applications, which are difficult to administer.
  • Promote exchange programs during the first week of classes in September and at the beginning of the second semester in early February.
  • You may even want to present the possibility of exchange to Grade 9 students during their high school orientation day. Hopefully, when they return as Grade 10 students, they will already be excited about the program and eager to apply.

Get help!

  • Form a committee of German, Japanese, Spanish and French language teachers (where applicable) and give each member a promotional task. While the languages and exchange destinations vary, the motivations to participate in the program are the same (to increase second language competency and gain intercultural experience)
  • Ensure that your school’s guidance counsellors are aware of the program and mention it to students that enroll in language classes.
  • Ensure that your administrators are aware of the exchange program. You may need their approval for some of the promotional activities listed below.

Spread the word!

To spread awareness of the exchange program beyond your classroom

  • ask past participants to present their personal experience to your Grade 10 language classes or write an account of their exchange in the school or community newspaper. If your school is currently hosting an exchange student or international student from Germany, Japan, Mexico, Spain or Quebec, involve them also.
  • discuss the exchange program at staff and departmental meetings
  • circulate promotional materials throughout the school, including to relevant student clubs
  • promote the exchange program in the school newspaper
  • promote the exchange program on your school website and link it to the Alberta Teachers’ Association’s student exchange site
  • include an information sheet about the exchange program in the mass mail outs or information packages to students
  • hold an information session about the exchange program for students at lunch time or after school
  • make a display of the exchange destination on a bulletin board in your school
  • arrange for a page in the school yearbook to be devoted to the exchange program
  • use your teacher promotional package


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