Promotional Materials

Promoting the Student Exchange Program

Promotion of the student exchange program is most often aimed at Grade 10 students, who can then participate in the program in Grade 11. Participation in Grade 12 may be arranged for very able students who are able to plan for a two-month absence.

Tips on promoting the student exchange program


Exchanging Worlds: IEEP Student Exchange Video
Exchanging Worlds: IEEP Alberta/Québec Student Exchange Video
Échanges Azimut - English
Échanges Azimut -  Français

Teacher promotional package

A number of promotional materials are produced for students and liaison teachers to provide information on the various exchange opportunities for students. The materials provide valuable information on eligibility, cost, application deadlines and more.

Exchanging Worlds: Student Exchange Program brochure and poster.
Quebec Exchange
Germany Exchange
Mexico Exchange
Spain Exchange
Japan Exchange
Macau Exchange

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