Bills and Motions 2010

Bill 9
Local Authorities Election Statutes Amendment Act, 2010
Sponsored by Jeff Johnson (PC—Athabasca–Redwater), Bill 9 clarifies the residency rules for local authorities elections, including school board elections.
First reading: Second reading: Committee of whole: Third reading: Royal assent: In force:
March 22, 2010 April 13, 2010 April 20, 2010 April 20, 2010 April 22, 2010 April 22, 2010
Bill 15
Appropriation Act, 2010

Sponsored by President of the Treasury Board Lloyd Snelgrove, Bill 15 authorizes payments from the General Revenue Fund in 2010/11, including $4.2 billion for Alberta Education.

First reading: Second reading: Committee of whole: Third reading: Royal assent: In force:
March 22, 2010 March 23, 2010 March 24, 2010 March 25, 2010 March 25, 2010 March 25, 2010
Bill 18
Government Organization Amendment Act, 2010

Sponsored by Minister of International and Intergovernmental Relations Iris Evans, Bill 18 brings monetary enforcement provisions to the Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement and extends the existing provisions to the New West Partnership Trade Agreement, which includes Saskatchewan. 

First reading: Second reading: Committee of whole: Third reading: Royal assent: In force:
October 25, 2010 October 27, 2010 November 3, 2010 November 16, 2010 December 2, 2010 December 2, 2010 (with exceptions); November 4, 2016 (Section 3)

 Motion 504

Sponsored by Hugh MacDonald (LIB—Edmonton-Gold Bar), Motion 504 urges the government “to introduce legislation requiring all school boards to establish and maintain an anaphylactic policy that includes strategies to reduce exposure to anaphylactic causative agents, information on life-threatening allergies, annual first aid training on dealing with life-threatening allergies, and a requirement for every school principal to develop a plan for each pupil affected by an anaphylactic allergy, including the maintenance of a file for each anaphylactic pupil.” Defeated March 15, 2010

Motion 505

Sponsored by Teresa Woo-Paw (PC—Calgary-Mackay), Motion 505 urges the government “to encourage ministries to evaluate their cultural competency, share best practices, and integrate cultural competency activities into their annual plans to further the Government's goals for equitable access to services, a diverse and prosperous economy, and a high quality of life for all Albertans.” Agreed to March 22, 2010

Motion 509

Sponsored by Raj Sherman (PC—Edmonton-Meadowlark), Motion 509 urges the government “to formally adopt Canada's Child and Youth Health Charter sponsored by the Canadian Medical Association, the Canadian Paediatric Society, and the College of Family Physicians of Canada.” Agreed to October 25, 2010

Motion 510

Sponsored by Cal Dallas (PC—Red Deer-South), Motion 510 urges the government “to enhance supports available to community stakeholders who engage in delivering education programs that develop entrepreneurial skills and promote the value of entrepreneurship in our society.” Agreed to November 1, 2010

Motion 524

Sponsored by Wayne Cao (PC—Calgary-Fort), Motion 524 urges the government “to explore setting a mandatory amount of Canadian history instruction in the high school curriculum.”

Motion 548

Sponsored by Robin Campbell (PC—West Yellowhead), Motion 548 urges the government “to consider the advisability of returning surplus money previously requested from school boards back to them as soon as it is financially feasible.”

Motion 552

Sponsored by Kevin Taft (LIB—Edmonton-Riverview), Motion 552 urges the government “to consider providing increased and dedicated funding for school nutrition programs to ensure that no child in Alberta goes hungry at school, thereby providing improved social, medical, and educational outcomes to children in Alberta schools.”

Motion 584

Sponsored by Naresh Bhardwaj (PC—Edmonton-Ellerslie), Motion 584 urges the government “to establish an equitable pay grid in recognition of teachers who have received vocational diplomas from technical schools such as NAIT or SAIT, that would provide them with salaries on par with teachers who have received graduate degrees.”

Motion 589

Sponsored by Janice Sarich (PC—Edmonton-Decore), Motion 589 urges the government “to encourage cooperation and collaboration among ministries in the interest of promoting a comprehensive approach to health and learning in Alberta's schools and school systems.”

Motion 591

Sponsored by Naresh Bhardwaj (PC—Edmonton-Ellerslie), Motion 591 urges the government “to continue its policy to reduce classroom size when resources are available.”

Motion 595

Sponsored by New Democrat Leader Brian Mason, Motion 595 urges the government “to encourage energy efficiency by establishing a fund to provide interest-free loans to municipalities, school districts, Alberta health services, and other public bodies for projects that reduce energy use.”

Motion 600

Sponsored by Barry McFarland (PC—Little Bow), Motion 600 urges the government “to raise the minimum age for compulsory attendance at school from 16 to 17 years by proclaiming into force the School (Compulsory Attendance) Amendment Act, 2003.”