2018 Growing Up Digital in Alberta: From Distraction to Addiction

The 2018 Emerging Technologies colloquium was held April 6, 2018 at the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald in Edmonton. An associated public lecture (Dis)Connected, Distracted or Addicted? Understanding the Smartphone Generation was held the evening of April 5, 2018 at the Fantasyland Hotel. The lecture featured world-renowned speakers Dr Michael Rich and Dr Jean Twenge.


Colloquium Speakers and Panellist

Michael Rich, MD, MPH Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, Associate Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the Harvard School of Public HealthAsk the Mediatrician

Jean Twenge, PhD Professor of Psychology, San Diego State UniversityHave Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?

Valerie Steeves, PhD Professor, Department of Criminology, University of Ottawa.


Colloquium Materials



Parent and Grandparent Perspectives on Digital Technology, Health and Learning