Travel to Convention on Winter Roads

Teachers’ convention season is starting off colder and snowier than usual. Please plan to travel safely to your teachers’ convention.

Editorial: New standards provide opportunity to highlight teacher quality

It’s official: Alberta now has new professional practice standards for teachers, school leaders and superintendents.

Q & A: New leadership dedicated to maintaining level of excellence

What change can members expect to see now that you have taken over the role of executive secretary.

Cellphone-free classes working for Fort Sask school

The Fort Saskatchewan school has had a cellphone-free classroom policy since September.

PEC Points: Economic policy committees renamed Teacher Welfare committees

Highlights of the Provincial Executive Council meeting held Jan. 18–19, 2018, at Barnett House in Edmonton

Stepping toward reconciliation

ATA’s Stepping Stones series helps pave the way to reconciliation while supporting a new teaching standard.

New semester, new classes

The Association has released assignable and instructional time calculators for the use of teachers to monitor their professional time.