Q & A: New incoming standards are important to our profession

Questions for consideration in this column are welcome.

Editorial: My Christmas gift list

Dear Santa, I’m super excited for Christmas and can’t wait for your arrival.

Future uncertain for international exchange programs

Teacher and student exchanges administered by the Alberta Teachers’ Association could cease to operate beyond next year due to a funding cancellation by Alberta Education.

In Focus: Looking for democracy in action? Attend ARA

Democracy. It’s the word you hear most often when listening to experienced ATA members and staff talk about ARA.

Teachers cool to further wage freezes, ATA president

With the provincial government touting messages of fiscal belt-tightening and public sector wage freezes, the Alberta Teachers’ Association is answering with a simple counter message.

Survey Implementation Raises Serious Concern

Participation in TALIS survey is voluntary, but inconsistent messages raise issues related to teacher participation and assignable time.

ATA president applauds passing of GSA bill

Bill 24 passed in the Alberta legislature on Nov. 15.

Practice standards coming for principals and superintendents

Amendments made to the School Act on November 15 requires principals and superintendents to hold leadership certificates.

Barnett House Expansion

Construction of a new eight-story addition to Barnett House is in full swing.

Reasonable Work day: Interpretation Bulletin No 4

A joint bulletin issued by TEBA and the ATA provides clarity related to a “reasonable work day” within the context of assignable time definitions in the 2016–18 central table agreement.



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