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Tweets from PEC election candidates

The ATA News asked the PEC election table officer candidates to summarize a message to members in a tweet. Here are the responses we received.

Greg Jeffery @ab_teacher
Continuing professionalization by taking over certification and the learning consortia from the ministry.

Kelly James Maroney @KellyMaroneyATA
This is a very important election for teachers. We have a chance to make real change, to finally improve the conditions of our work. VOTE.

Robert Twerdoclib @VPRobertATA
Vader? I am more a Han Solo guy. I could do the Kessel run in <12 parsecs! ATA presidential run? I need your VOTE!

Greg Carabine @GCarabine
@AndrewkDoyle If we want things to change, members have to be involved, so we need to make that as easy as possible.

Myrna McLean @MyrnaMcLean
@DavidStaplesYEG Dear Sir, Come spend a week with me. I dare you! Walk in the teacher’s shoes, then we can have an informed discussion.

Jenny Regal @JennyRegalYYC
Thanks for having us. T’was a pleasure to be among such amazing, resilient, engaged teachers! #PECelections2017

Jason Schilling @schill_dawg
Teachers need support for mental health issues for our students and for themselves. It is important and must be fully funded. #schilling4vp

Diane Sellars @DianeSellars
Teachers want improved working conditions, fair compensation and professional autonomy. I will be strategic in promoting solutions!

Tweets about funding of private schools

Kelly Aleman @flamesstamp
How many education $ are going into benchmarking in Alberta? Would hiring more teachers be a more effective use of those dollars?

Patti Yackulic @pmyackulic
Can’t justify tax $ for private schools when public schools still have to assess fees, classes are large, libraries underfunded etc.

David Staples @DavidStaplesYEG
The fact is that with some people opting out of public education for private schools, our public system is world-leading.

Matt McClure @mattmcclure2
@DavidStaplesYEG What shape would our public health care system be in if people with dollars could opt out? Just asking.

Tweets from the Greater Edmonton Teachers’ Convention (#getca2017)

Tanya Drover @TanyaDrover
Excited to be at #getca2017 with all my fellow colleagues!

Scott Barr @SBarr2
Ready for GETCA to start! Looking forward to being the learner again!

Krista Saunders @YMM_kj
Very excited to take part in my first blanket exercise.

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