Two candidates vying to represent teachers of Edmonton District

January 26, 2016

On Jan. 19, nominations for the office of district representative, Edmonton District, closed and the 2016 Edmonton District byelection officially kicked off. Below is information provided by the candidates.


Karen Wilson

I’ve never been the type of person who “goes with the flow.” I don’t meekly accept a situation or circumstance as is. I was the child who climbed straight up the slide without using the stairs/ladder and I am always willing to advocate for what is best for teachers and education. In Grade 8, I became hooked on public speaking and debating, which eventually motivated me to be an English teacher. In 1984 I began my career as a grades 3 to 12 English teacher at Cereal School. I’m presently employed by Elk Island Public Schools — 28 years now — as an English teacher at Fort Saskatchewan High School (since 2010).

I have always been politically active but to different degrees. When I first got involved in our ATA local, I was on the committees for professional development, Annual Representative Assembly and economic policy, as well as the local executive. For a number of years my focus was on the collective agreement, and I sat at the bargaining table until I was elected to the position of local president, which I held for four years. As the provincial political scene changed, I began to focus more on my classroom, but I believe it is now the time for me to once again take the plunge and immerse myself in the political aspect of my professional association through a role on PEC.

I will conscientiously perform the duties of Edmonton District representative by listening to and advocating for Association members employed by Elk Island Catholic Schools, Elk Island Public Schools, Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools, St. Albert Public Schools and Sturgeon School Division.

No teacher is alone with Wilson on the PEC team!

Please follow me on Twitter @wilson4dr.

Paul Froese

I am Paul Froese and I am running for the position of district representative for Edmonton District. I have been an active member and leader in the Association for more than 25 years and started my career as a teacher after finishing an engineering degree. Knowing the best memories of my life were from my time in junior high and high school, I re-enrolled in the education faculty and began my degree. I quickly joined the Education Students Association, which was the ATA student body, and I rose from the role of VP to president. Soon after joining Sturgeon School Division, I put my experiences and enthusiasm to work and became the local VP.

I have continued to enhance my career and skill sets over the years and have held my current position of president for the last seven years. My involvement in the executive has been uninterrupted in the last 25 years. I have been a participant in the Strategic Planning Committee, and was an Association instructor early in my career. I have been privileged to attend 28 ARAs and remain a functional, relevant force in my local and the Association provincially.

This is not the same ATA that I first became involved with. Our impact in shaping the face of education has never been stronger or more important. The strength of our professional association is hard-working classroom teachers who support and empower their local executives. These successful executives, who often work in difficult situations delivering exemplary service, are then supported and empowered by our classroom-based DRs, who bring that regional flavour to the PEC table, providing leadership and guidance to our professional organization.

It’s time for me to give back that which has been afforded to me, and I ask for your vote in this important election. Thank you. ❚

About Edmonton District

Edmonton District is one of 11 ATA geographic districts within the Alberta Teachers’ Association. It encompasses five school jurisdictions: Elk Island Catholic Schools, Elk Island Public Schools, Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools, St. Albert Public Schools and Sturgeon School Division.

ATA members employed by these five school jurisdictions are members of five corresponding ATA locals (local teachers’ associations): Elk Island Catholic Teachers Local No. 21, Elk Island Local No. 28, Greater St. Albert Catholic Local No. 23, St. Albert Public Teachers Local No. 73 and Sturgeon Local No. 27.

ATA locals and the views of their members are represented by district representatives (DRs), who are elected to the Association’s Provincial Executive Council.

To find out all you need to know about the 2016 Edmonton District byelection, visit the Information On section of the Association’s home page at

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