Moot Points: Teachers say the darndest things

January 27, 2015 Sandra Heinrichs

I teach kindergarten to 22 delightful youngsters who often make my educational assistant and me laugh. But one day it was my turn to say something ridiculous.

I was teaching the letter O, and I was leading my students through a guided drawing of an octopus. I showed them on the whiteboard how to draw the head and eight tentacles — two tentacles on each side, leaving room for four tentacles to go down the middle.

I had one final instruction for them. In a clear, loud voice I directed them, “Now be sure to count your testicles.

My assistant and I completely lost it; apparently we are easily amused.

One little boy ventured, “Testicles, Mrs. Heinrichs?”

Tentacles, boys and girls! Be sure to count your tentacles!” I managed to squeak out.

Although I would say my assistant and I are generally quite mature people, it took quite a while for us to regain our composure. Everything that day seemed to crack us up. When I related this incident on Facebook that evening, one of my friends asked dryly, “Did any of the boys count eight?”

Sandra Heinrichs teaches at Trinity Christian School in Calgary.

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