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November 25, 2021


 Facebook Feedback

On the Students First Act

Andrea Willman
Once the ink dries, can there be a follow up for matters related to student/parent conduct? TikTok challenges aside, the public should have confidence that matters related to teacher safety have been handled effectively and appropriately by the Association.

Al Zhang
Do it for all public employees and that will be fair.

Rose Howitt
It’s a distraction from something else they are pulling, or the Nazi content that was removed from her curriculum. This came out of nowhere. I don’t trust LaGrange, she doesn’t care about our kids, teachers or public education.

Michelle Poulin
Whatever happened to some confidentiality in life ... what other profession has this posted all over for anyone to see?

On the Nov. 2 editorial suggesting an end to standardized tests

Tee Smith
Yes!! Standardized tests create additional stress for students, their families and teachers.

On the Stand For Education advertising campaign

Patricia Goertzen Cole
Because there has been an integrated classroom with extreme varying needs, it’s imperative to have smaller manageable class sizes. Larger class sizes inhibit learning on many levels. As far as curriculum goes, I’m still reading.

Rachael Robinson
This draft curriculum cannot go through … fight harder!!

Joanne LaBrash
Keep religion out of education and politics!!

Mary Lynn Maher
Ads are not enough.


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