CTF addresses tax credit delay

May 10, 2022 ATA News Staff



The Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF/FCE) is urging the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Government of Canada to rectify a problem that is preventing many teachers’ tax returns from being processed.

Following a meeting in late April with the CRA and the Office of the Minister of National Revenue, the CTF/FCE learned that the CRA is delaying processing all tax returns with claims for the Eligible Education School Supply Tax Credit until Bill C-8 achieves royal assent.

The CBC reported that the CRA was holding back the tax returns of approximately 50,000 teachers. Subsequently, on May 3, the CBC reported that the CRA is now offering to release teachers’ tax refunds that are stuck in limbo, but only for teachers who are “experiencing extreme financial hardship.”

According to the CBC report, the CRA will now assess teachers’ tax returns and issue refunds without their claim for the school supply credit, then reassess the returns and issue the credit once Bill C-8 becomes law.

CTF/FCE says there remain questions for the CRA surrounding the delay.

“It is incredibly disappointing and quite frankly unacceptable how teachers and education workers have been left in limbo,” said CTF/FCE president Sam Hammond. “For more than two years they have worked tirelessly under extreme circumstances to keep public education afloat. They are exhausted, burnt out and frustrated, and this tax credit error only adds insult to injury. They deserve far better than this.”

As the CTF/FCE continues to receive inquiries from individual teachers and education workers, each detailing how this situation has caused stress and confusion, the CTF/FCE has created a dedicated email where questions can be sent.

Please send your queries to vox@ctf-fce.ca to receive a detailed explanation of what is occurring with the tax credit and the processing of tax assessments. ❚



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