Fellowships and bursary award

September 24, 2019 ATA News Staff

Provincial Executive Council has announced the winners of the 2019–20 ATA fellowships and bursaries.

Doctoral Fellowship in Education

Each year, the Alberta Teachers’ Association awards two fellowships, valued at $15,000 each, to ATA members who have been accepted into, or have already embarked upon, full-time study in a doctoral program in education at a recognized Alberta public university. The fellowship program is intended to recognize academic excellence and to help defray the financial costs of university study.

Ian Doktor

Ian Doktor is an astronomy and physics teacher with the Edmonton Public School District. He has spent the past six years teaching at Jasper Place High School and before that taught in Vancouver, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Mexico and Red Deer. He is an avid amateur astronomer, spending his free time looking up at the stars, and enjoys sharing his passion for astronomy with his students. In the fall he will start a PhD in secondary education, studying the scientific method and STEM education methods.

Jodi Harding-Kuriger

A health and physical educator, Jodi Harding-Kuriger is currently enrolled in an elementary education PhD program with a focus on meaningful physical education experiences. Her project theme, Meaningful Physical Education: Testing a Model for Teaching and Learning, is part of an international project entitled Learning About Meaningful Physical Education or LAMPE. As a research assistant, she is learning about the approach and implementing the framework with teachers in a rural setting. In her own work, she will extend the LAMPE project research to an Indigenous school on reserve. It is with conscious humility that she enters into this project intending to honour research as ceremony.

Nadene M. Thomas Bursary

The $5,000 Nadene M. Thomas bursary is offered annually to an ATA member who is enrolled in a graduate program in education at a recognized Canadian university. The area of research must focus on health issues affecting teachers and/or on teachers’ working conditions.

Andrew Podolski

Andrew Podolski teaches high school mathematics, science and CTS at Heinsburg Community School in the St. Paul School Division. Within the master of education program that he is completing, Podloski intends to qualitatively research the experiences of teachers in multigrade classes to gain insight into the effectiveness of these classes and the well-being of the teachers tackling these challenging assignments.


For a list of Association grants, awards and scholarships that are available to subgroups and others, visit www.teachers.ab.ca > For Members > Grants, Awards and Scholarships.


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