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April 28, 2020


Letters to the editor

Great words during challenging time

Re: “We will get through this together: An open letter to teachers from ATA president Jason Schilling,” ATA News, April 7, 2020


Thank you for your words. This letter you wrote to us is one of the best I’ve read. Sincerely. Great words given to us during these challenging times. Thank you very much!!

Gil Lavigne

Teacher, Svend Hansen School, Edmonton


Facebook Feedback

On news of AIMCo’s recent $4 billion loss

Janet Wees

This was not due to volatility of the market. It was, as said, “a wrong-way bet.” Talk to Greg Meeker, former chair of ATRF, about this. He says that $4 billion is gone, gone, gone. AIMCo has admitted this and basically has said their risk management group did not understand the risk. Seems like a colossal miscommunication with board, executive and risk group.

Gwen Schamber

The decision to place our pension with another company was not our decision. The individual who made this decision without our input needs to be held accountable. Our union needs to protect us and our pension money.

Mary Lynn Maher

How do we not have more control of our own money?

Gerry Enns

We cannot let this government force our pension to be managed by an agency that does not understand derivative risk and is not overseen by a competent executive team or board. The news of this $4B loss sickens me.

Sarah Geisler

There has got to be a way for ATA to team up with LAPP and the other pension plans that have been hijacked to create some major noise.

Wendy Thompson

This is absolutely not acceptable. We need to stand up and have our concerns forwarded to MLAs to reverse Bill 22.

Elaine Merriman

Jason Kenney: Listen to us. This is our money!

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