New timeline for new Grade 9 curriculum

November 27, 2018 ATA News Staff

Grade 9 curriculum development has begun ahead of its original schedule. 

Alberta Education announced in early November that the curriculum working group slated to begin developing new curriculum for grades 5 to 8 will now include Grade 9. The work began in November.

The timeline change is intended to make for easier implementation of future curriculum at the junior high level. 

“Our stakeholders asked us to consider this shift so we would have a more cohesive approach to the development and implementation of our middle years and junior high curriculum,” said Education Minister David Eggen.

“Accelerating these timelines means we will have our Grade 9 curriculum nailed down earlier, which provides benefits in the classroom sooner to help students prepare for the transition to high school.”

Curriculum development work remains a six-year project that is slated for completion in December 2022. ❚

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