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January 15, 2019

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Kendra Boddy @kendraSKboddy

Requested several PD books from @albertateachers library today. Looking forward to expanding my knowledge about #Mindfulness, #classroommanagement, and #literacy in the new year! So grateful that my union offers such a valuable and expansive resource.

Wade Westworth @Mr_Westworth

Amazing to have former @FoothillsATA local president and current @albertateachers Member Services officer Dave Matson at our CSR meeting to present the School Representatives Toolkit! #WelcomeBack

davidstawn @stupidtalk

Often teachers are expected to collaborate as if they were born with the skill; or learned it through osmosis @albertateachers @EdPubTeachers

Alison Palmer @alijanepalmer

Replying to @stupidtalk @albertateachers @EdPubTeachers

Yes. You’ve just been hired. You’ve just met your grade level partners. Now collaborate!

Andrew Doyle @AndrewkDoyle

A great school culture can expect volunteerism from teachers and parents and kids. But in those cultures the recognition of time is usually honoured too. When it isn’t, I think you have issues and it no longer is a great culture.

Nicole Lafreniere @Mrs_Laf

I want fiscal responsibility. I do not believe in overspending. But I also believe in fair & equitable access to services in health care & education — the two areas of greatest spending.

It’s often said that students with diverse needs “just aren’t ready for the classroom yet” — the truth is that the classrooms aren’t ready for the kids. It’s no better than the insufficient number of life boats on the Titanic.
– Kendra Seatter @KendraSeatter

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