ATA News 52:8

December 5, 2017

"I didn't know you could do worse than an F. When did they start handing out poop emojis?"

Eggen visits PEC

Alberta Teachers’ Association president Greg Jeffery listens to an explanation by Education Minister David Eggen during a meeting of Provincial Executive Council on Friday, Dec. 1.

Future uncertain for international exchange programs

Teacher and student exchanges administered by the Alberta Teachers’ Association could cease to operate beyond next year due to a funding cancellation by Alberta Education.

From the Archives

Leading up to its official 100th anniversary in June 2018, the Alberta Teachers’ Association is celebrating its history through a number of initiatives, one of which is this column.

In Focus: Looking for democracy in action? Attend ARA

Democracy. It’s the word you hear most often when listening to experienced ATA members and staff talk about ARA.

Teacher's Pet

Critters large and small keep teachers entertained and grounded.

Young ATA reader

Three-year-old Claire Henderson reads a copy of the ATA News acquired from her mother Caroline, a teacher at St. Boniface Catholic Elementary School in Edmonton.

Change for Children teaching tour gears up for Guatemala

Last summer four Alberta teachers shared their skills, knowledge and experiences with teachers and students in Nicaragua as part of a Central American teaching tour.

'Tis the season

We asked teachers: what is the all-time favourite Christmas present you have ever received and why?

Highlights from the legislature

Opposition and government spar over Catholic sex education

ATA gears up for next round of central bargaining

Work continues on securing local agreements for teachers in 51 of the 61 bargaining units, but that will not hold up preparations for the next round of central bargaining.

Snow angels

With a fresh 30-centimetre blanket of snow beckoning, vice-principal Robert Skulsky prepares to flop backwards onto the ground in order to create snow angels along with students at Walter and Gladys Hill Public School in Fort McMurray.

Editorial: My Christmas gift list

Dear Santa, I’m super excited for Christmas and can’t wait for your arrival.

Q & A: New incoming standards are important to our profession

Questions for consideration in this column are welcome.

Viewpoints: Speak up on violence against women and girls

Do you remember where you were on Dec. 6, 1989, when the 14 young women at the l’École Polytechnique in Montreal were killed by a man professing to be antifeminist?

Your views

Teachers share their views on class size

Stories and photos wanted

The ATA News is always on the lookout for interesting articles, photos and cartoons.

Christmas gift ideas from your ATA library

We want to share with you some of our discoveries that really engage imaginations and that would make great Christmas presents this year.

Notices and Events

A collection of notices and events.

Teachers cool to further wage freezes, ATA president

With the provincial government touting messages of fiscal belt-tightening and public sector wage freezes, the Alberta Teachers’ Association is answering with a simple counter message.

Finnish exchange delivers positive experiences

“I don’t want to be shy anymore. I want to be positive and do the best work possible and be outgoing at my workplace.”

Staffing a top priority for CIF projects

The Association’s current #MyClassSizeIs campaign is drawing attention.

Pitfalls and Precautions: Principal abused position to violate relationship boundaries

A hearing committee of the Professional Conduct Committee declared a principal ineligible for membership for two years.

CTF Corner

CTF advocacy brings results