ATA News 52:7

November 21, 2017


Leading up to its official 100th anniversary in June 2018, the ATA shares historic facts from the archive.

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Editorial: Class size campaign strikes a nerve

My Class Size Is… campaign raises awareness of class size issues and based on requests for additional cards, teachers will be letting MLA's know.

ATA president applauds passing of GSA bill

Bill 24 passed in the Alberta legislature on Nov. 15.

From the Archives: Alberta Teachers’ Alliance wins Supreme Court challenge

The Monday morning of Oct. 27, 1930, Solicitor Oliver Mowat Biggar sent a wire from Ottawa to advise that the Alliance had succeeded before the Supreme Court of Canada.

Teachers named to magazine’s top-40 list

Avenue Edmonton magazine published its annual Top 40 Under 40 list, making the list are three prominent leaders in Alberta schools.

Library beefs up technology offerings

New additions to the collection of maker technologies in the ATA library hopes to meet the demands of teachers.

New teacher guides target specific cultural needs

ATA offers resources to teachers looking to better understand the various cultures of their students.


The politics of GSA's

Rising Sun at Castle School

The rising sun casts a warm glow over the snowy ground at Castle School on the Scotford Hutterite Colony.

Sunrise at Castlewood Pond

Sunrise at Castlewood Pond in Edmonton on Oct. 28.

New resource targets language rights

A new high school resource available to teachers across Canada is focused on language rights in francophone minority settings.

Moot Points: Treasure those lightbulb moments

Ray Suchow tells of a "lightbulb moment" and how the memorable program North of 60 engaged his students.

Q & A: What’s this about new professional practice standards?

Implications are in store for members with the amendment of the School Act.

Viewpoints: Protections in Bill 24 align with teachers’ views

Bill 24 allows teachers to point to the law and tell students and parents clearly — student privacy, safety and security come first.

Your Views

GSA's and class size are only a few items on the minds of Albertans.

ATA names new co-ordinator of Professional Development

ATA welcomes new PD co-ordinator Mark Swanson.

Longtime Association volunteer joins Teacher Welfare staff

Joining the TW staff is Edmonton Public Schools teacher and longtime ATA volunteer, James Gerun.

Practice standards coming for principals and superintendents

Amendments made to the School Act on November 15 requires principals and superintendents to hold leadership certificates.

Some educational apps falling short on privacy

Some apps used in classrooms are not protecting the privacy of students.

Teacher’s criticism of coaching colleague deemed unprofessional

Critical comments of a peer lead this teacher to a meeting with the hearing committee.