ATA News 52:2

September 12, 2017
New grant program aims to help teachers address problems

A new grant program is now accepting applications from teachers who are interested in exploring solutions to professional challenges they’re facing through a collaborative inquiry with other teachers.

Orange Shirt Day

The orange shirt is meant to recognize the harm done to residential school students and show a commitment to the principle that every child matters.

ATA president applauds relaxation of provincial exam time limits

New rules kick in this year that will enable students to spend up to six hours writing some Grade 12 diploma exams and up to four hours writing grades 6 and 9 provincial achievement tests.

Editorial: Curriculum: the political whipping boy

The Alberta government’s plans to overhaul much of our K–12 curriculum has become fodder for a fair amount of public and political discourse.

A rogue by any other name …

So goes the matter with the Alberta Teachers’ Association’s Fine Arts Council, which for decades (from 1963 to 1992) recorded the names of its executives upon a tapestry entitled Rogues’ Gallery.

Q & A: Controversial topics are opportunities for open discussion

What a summer! I know my students will want to talk about Charlottesville, Donald Trump, flawed historical figures, racism and alt-right rallies. These can be controversial topics. If I discuss them in class, is my job at risk?

Stories and photos wanted

The ATA News is always on the lookout for interesting articles, photos and cartoons.

Plans falling into place

Classroom improvements approved in half of school jurisdictions

Viewpoints: Why vote? Because it matters

Teachers become teachers because they care about students. The time to elect school board trustees who also want to make a difference for those students is now.

Ready, Set, GROW! Teachers' Conventions and Specialist Councils Conference 

This is the time of year when teachers turn their attention to (among dozens of other things) their professional growth plans.

Your Views

Views collected from social media.

Limits on assignable time take effect

Although all teachers in Alberta are now covered by limits to instructional and assignable time, it’s not necessary to track workload on a daily basis.