ATA News 52:12

February 27, 2018
Viewpoints: Decent men can support #Metoo

Viewpoints: Decent men can support #Metoo

The Canadian Teachers’ Federation has a proud history of advancing and promoting women, feminism and International Women’s Day (IWD).


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Lesson Clans: Celebrating families who teach

Since teaching runs in many families, and since Family Day has just taken place, the ATA News has compiled this collection of stories about teaching families and what it’s like to be part of one.


Cartoon by Curatolo

In Focus: ATA committees offer teachers a way to get involved

For Jason Schilling, becoming involved in committee work with the Alberta Teachers’ Association was a hands-on way to up his advocacy game.

Raising the bar with one hand

Jonas Prudden and Levi Schmidtke, Grade 11 students at Cochrane High School, wanted to use the school’s 3-D printer to make something a little more advanced than the standard fare of coffee mugs and desktop trinkets.

From the Archives: Canadian Teachers’ Federation forever connected to Alberta

The seeds of a national organization run for and by teachers were sown in Winnipeg at a 1919 conference on the topic of character education and Canadian citizenship.

Going For Gold

What activities or discussions are happening in your classrooms around the topic of the Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang?

Editorial: Never again

Here we find ourselves again, standing in the aftermath of yet another tragic mass school shooting.

Q & A: Controversy and critical thinking are essential convention elements

A lot of attention has been given to the fact that Dr. David Suzuki and Dr. Kris Wells have been keynote speakers at teachers’ conventions.


Five points on superintendent salaries

Stories and photo wanted

The ATA News is always on the lookout for interesting articles, photos and cartoons.

Notices and Events

A collection of notices and events.

Pitfalls and Precautions: Drug use and indecent behavior lead to exclusion from profession

A teacher was convicted of three counts of failing to maintain the honour and dignity of the profession after engaging in indecent public behaviour while under the influence of illicit drugs.

Superintendent salaries raise eyebrows

If the four Alberta school boards with the highest superintendent salaries paid salaries equal to the average of superintendents in B.C., Ontario and Saskatchewan, they could each hire approximately two additional teachers.

Large class sizes targeted in latest auditor’s report

Class sizes are rising in Alberta and the government does not have adequate plans and processes to reduce them, according to the most recent report from the auditor general.

Nova Scotia teachers resist system changes

The Nova Scotia Teachers Union is ramping up efforts to counteract a government proposal for sweeping changes to the province’s education system that include removing administrators from the union.